You don't have to settle for outdated and overpriced art collection management tools.

Collecting institutions are moving away from monolithic inventory software like Filemaker and Collector Systems to more streamlined, modern day systems like Artwork Archive.

The world of art collecting has seen little innovation in the last few decades and products in this category have tended to cater to a very small percentage of the market. The elite and seemingly “members-only” segment of the art world doesn’t necessarily represent the diverse makeup of people and companies that collect and appreciate art.

Airports, hospitals, museums, law firms, corporate companies and other organizations deserve robust yet easy-to-use tools to manage their art collections. Whether these collections have 50 pieces or 5,000, they need to track and record information that’s critical to that collection. 

The problem is that companies have accepted that art collection management must be challenging, require significant training, and be laborious. That is simply not the case.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “this system is more complicated than what we use it for"?

Here are some reasons why collecting institutions are moving to intuitive and powerful online systems like Artwork Archive.

1. No more computer crashes and data loss

Above all else, you want to know that your information is safe and secure. Privacy and data integrity are critical elements to safeguarding your collection and many of the options out there are vulnerable to security risks and data loss.

We’ve heard endless horror stories of companies purchasing brand new computers for their colleagues, only to have the computers and the previously installed software, like Filemaker, crash on them.

With a cloud-based system like Artwork Archive, you’ll never experience the pain of losing your data. Cloud-based systems are accessible anywhere on any device, whether you’re using a PC, desktop, laptop, or iPad. Changing hardware will never create access issues. Enterprise level security and software redundancy also ensure your data remains protected without any additional effort on your part.

2. Save thousands of dollars

Older programs have set expectations that premier inventory management systems come with a premier price tag. However, they tend to be rigid, inflexible, and have countless additional charges.

Modern day technology and the affordability of cloud-storage mean collection management tools do not have to come at significant cost.

Collectors and organizations can save thousands of dollars in their budgets by switching to an affordable program like Artwork Archive, with plans starting at just $24 a month.

Plus, if you’re a nonprofit or academic institution, you qualify for a 30% lifetime discount at Artwork Archive. The team is passionate about helping the art world through nonprofit and educational partnerships.  

3. Avoid additional fees for technical support and updates

Cost transparency is not necessarily a given and many inventory systems out there hide additional fees. You may end up paying significantly more for features you thought were included as well as technical support or updates.

With programs like Artwork Archive, premier customer support offered by collection management experts is built into the plan and clearly listed as an expectation, not an add-on. The same is true for updates since your pricing is locked in for life and not subject to change as we continue to evolve the product.

Art advisors around the world have informed us that their clients have had to open their wallets and pay significant fees for updates as their current software becomes obsolete.

At Artwork Archive, we are constantly evolving our product based on constant interaction with our customer base and believe that everyone should have access to these changes, without having to pay a fee.

4. No more training needed

A lot of the programs out there are complicated and necessitate training sessions for your team. When it comes time to implement the software, or bringing someone new on board, you most likely have to schedule (and perhaps pay) for intensive software training.

That is not the case with systems like Artwork Archive. We pride ourselves in simplifying the art inventorying process and have received numerous compliments from organizations like: “This is so incredibly easy and intuitive. You’re a breath of fresh air”

Susan Bononsconi from Intermountain Healthcare asserts that Artwork Archive “is a total and utter lifesaver for us.”

5. Stop being tethered to your desk and computer

Did you ever think convenience could be a word associated with a work product? Cloud-based systems give you the flexibility to manage your collection details from any device. With Artwork Archive, you can access and update your collection from anywhere.

Additionally, some programs require you to pay for licenses for each computer on which the program is downloaded. This means that oftentimes, the staff becomes dependent on just one colleague to get information or receive a report. And we promise you, that person doesn't want to have you stopping by their desk interrupting their workflow for every bit of information you need, no matter how big you smile.

6. Easily generate inventory and financial reports.

Here is something we've heard from museum professionals prior to switching to Artwork Archive:

“I don’t have an IT team. When I needed a report, I’d go to the data specialist at the museum. If that person was busy, I’d have to figure things out myself.”

Systems that are overbuilt for your needs often come with overbuilt features and hard-to-use tools.

Just need to print a list of works in your Berlin office? But don’t have the time to submit the request to someone else, or figure it out on your own? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Companies are switching over to programs like Artwork Archive because they can save hours by creating detailed and professional reports with a few clicks of a button. Plus, you can keep key stakeholders in the loop by easily sharing the reports directly from your Artwork Archive account.

7. You don’t have to staff an army. A team of one is all you need.

Operating at max capacity, and then some? Not every company has the resources to staff a team of curators, collections managers, and tech support.

For years, Artwork Archive has been saving those managing their collections hours, and many headaches.

8. Data migration is a cinch with Artwork Archive

You may feel like you are stuck with your current inventory system, even if you are not thrilled with its performance.

The good news is that data migration is a breeze. Every organization plan with Artwork Archive comes with a free, one-time data import in which we’ll take your data and securely import it into our system.

We make it extremely easy for you to change systems.

9. Protect and preserve your collection’s investment with Artwork Archive's maintenance tracking

Artwork Archive has a unique maintenance record tool that allows you to track your collection’s maintenance.

The maintenance feature gives you the power to:

  • Record what maintenance happened, who did it, and how much it cost.

  • Upload important files like invoices, conservator notes, images and more.

  • Always have the assessment, maintenance and treatment of the work on hand.

  • Keep track of key contacts like art conservators and art restorers.

  • Schedule upcoming conservation efforts, whether it be a cleaning or assessment, so you never miss an important maintenance event.

10. Share your collection with the world

Many company collections have made it a priority to promote their art collections as part of their brand and corporate identity. With outdated, and desktop-based programs, it is challenging to make the collection accessible to either the company’s community or the public-at-large. 

Artwork Archive makes it easy to promote and showcase your art collection. By default, all of your information is private, but the optional Public Profile is a simple and flattering way to share your art collection with the world. People can view your artworks by collection, artist or map view

Additionally, we just released an integrations feature that allows you to embed your Public Profile on your website. So your up-to-date inventory in Artwork Archive can be viewed on your own website, without double data entry.

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