How to Showcase Your Art Collection Online During the COVID-19 Shutdown

Artwork Archive | April 13, 2020 (Updated September 20, 2022)

We may feel disconnected during social isolation, but in a lot of ways, digital access has given us the tools to be even more connected than ever before. 

Galleries, art centers, museums, art schools have closed their doors to curb the spread of COVID-19. So, institutions around the world are moving from their physical gallery spaces to digital platforms to share their artworks. 

Before the Coronavirus global pandemic, Artwork Archive was helping move collections online. For years, artists, galleries, collectors and collecting institutions used Artwork Archive to turn their walls inside out and share their artworks with the world. 

Now, more than ever, there are benefits to having a strong online presence. And best of all, you don’t need to be in IT or build websites to do it. The tools are easy-to-use by anybody. Here are a few ways to adjust to and benefit from our new normal.

Share and sell your artwork with Artwork Archive’s Public Profile.

Artwork Archive provides an online platform to inventory and archive your artworks. But you can also make your collection viewable by the public! Here are some benefits of having a Public Profile.

Give your artworks a life while in quarantine: With the Public Profile you can share your artworks and story with the audiences that would otherwise step inside your gallery, studio or institution. The map view also helps guide people to public installations. Each piece can be synced to Google Maps so people can pull up directions to your artworks. 

Access a new audience: The Public Profile is hosted on Artwork Archive’s Discovery platform, which is viewed by artists, collectors and art professionals around the world. Unlock new aficionados and potential buyers. 

Save time: The Public Profile is linked straight to your inventory so it’s updated automatically—cutting back on admin hours.

Sync to your website: Speaking of saving time, you can easily embed your Public Profile onto your own website. No need to double enter information between your archive/inventory and website; the two will now be linked. Check out this great example.

Keep your community updated: Share updates and provide information about your organization with the News section of the Public Profile. It’s an easy-to-use blogging platform that’s viewed alongside your collection. 

Generate sales: If you’re looking to sell your artworks, you can add a sales link to your Public Profile. Connect directly to buyers. There is no commission taken.  

Here are some examples of the Public Profile:






Bring your exhibitions online with Collections.

For years Artwork Archive users have been using Collections to group works, whether that be for an exhibit, a consignment, or proposal. The Collection tool is now being used more than ever for standing up virtual exhibitions. 

The Polasek Museum converted their Winter Park Paint Out from a live event to a virtual one. Every year they invite 20 artists to Winter Park to paint for a week, then share and sell their works with the community at the Polasek Museum as part of a fundraiser. Despite the disappointment of not being able to host the popular event live, they have been able to move the showcasing, selling and educational components online. Click here to see. 

Here are some examples of Collections:





Give potential clients and exhibition collaborators a VIP experience with Private Rooms.

Every client and every project is different, so why have the same portfolio for them all? Create a virtual gallery of your collection curated exclusively for your clients with Private Rooms.

Communicating with clients and collaborators online can be a challenge. Emailing different image attachments back and forth doesn’t always fit the bill and email chains can get messy and confusing.

When you are asked for something specific—and you know you have the perfect pieces for the job—you need an easy, professional way to share them.

That’s why we created Private Rooms on Artwork Archive.

Simple to create, you can easily select your artworks and curate a collection. Then, invite your collaborators to a private online gallery of your works. Learn more here.

Create polished reports to share your artworks when you can’t do so in person.

Share pieces from your collection virtually with inventory reports and portfolio pages. You can easily select which pieces you’d like to include and what information will accompany the images. 

Need to share information with photography students that are off-campus? Produce a list of all 20th-century photographs from your collection and share in seconds.

Leading virtual public art selection panels? Create a portfolio page report to share with panelists.

Preparing works for auction? Pull together provenance details, prices and artist information in one place.

Share it all from one place.

With your high-res images and supporting documentation (like bills of sale, catalogues raisonnes, appraisals, etc.) all in one place, you can easily share it with other stakeholders.

Send your high-res image files to your colleague working on an exhibition catalogue.

Send a donor letter to your development team.

You can even add users to your account so you can collaborate with your colleagues, even if you’re not face-to-face.


Join the virtual community and start sharing your artworks with Artwork Archive. Try it completely free for 14 days.

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