Bring your artworks online with the Public Profile and website embeds
Showcase your art collection, virtually, with the Public Profile
Amplify your impact and make your artworks accessible to the public.
  • People can view the works you make public, no matter where they are.
  • Share specific artworks and educational information.
  • Let people explore via the interactive map view.
  • Embed your artworks and exhibitions onto your website by copying and pasting only one line of code.
Create online exhibitions
Continue the vital work of your group with online showcasing tools.
  • Quickly and easily curate virtual displays of your artworks. Use the Public Profile or Private Rooms to allow people to view the art.
  • Promote your artists virtually
  • Produce a living archive of your exhibitions
  • Let your artists submit artworks directly into your account, and thus to the exhibitions.
Engage with new audiences
Reach beyond the physical boundaries of your institution.
  • Increase your online presence. Use the Public Profile‚Äôs Map and News feed to share your collection.
  • Facilitate lending of your artwork with Private Rooms and inventory reports.
  • Connect with potential buyers. With the Public Profile, people can inquire directly about a particular piece or body of works.
Join a global art community
Use the Discovery platform to showcase your collection, find artwork, and connect with artists.
  • Search from thousands of artists.
  • Find artists in your local community.

"Utilizing Artwork Archive has made it possible to exponentially expand our outreach and has made it possible to present our Winter Park Paint Out event virtually during this challenging time"

- Debbie Komanski, CEO/Executive Director of the Polasek Museum.

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