Why Private Rooms 2.0 are the Best Way to Sell Art

Emilie Trice | February 22, 2022

Photo by Chris Curry on Unsplash

Your art deserves its own online viewing room, and so do your collectors.

You no longer need a blue-chip gallery or art fair to create your own private online viewing room and offer your collectors a bespoke, digital experience that will delight and impress them. Artwork Archive makes it simple to curate a private viewing room, include comments for individual clients, and publish those works to an interactive online gallery that you can quickly share with your network. 

We're delighted to announce that Artwork Archive’s Private Rooms feature just got an update! 

Private Rooms 2.0 will accelerate online sales and streamline communications with clients, galleries, and more.

Artists, art dealers, galleries and organizations with an Artwork Archive account can now create a “private online viewing room” of artworks, share them with a client or prospective buyer, and receive direct feedback on individual pieces, as well as track communications — all from the same platform.

This update will enable streamlined communication and collaboration between art sellers and buyers, while giving artists, advisors, and galleries important metrics that can help them close deals quickly and sell more art.

This feature is optional and available to Artist Professional and Master plans, Collector Plus and Premier plans, as well as all Organization plans. 

What’s new? Favoriting and messaging on individual artworks

Now, when you share a private room with an individual, or group of contacts, the recipient(s) can favorite an artwork by clicking on the heart in the upper right hand corner of the artwork image.

Learn more about the user interface and experience by clicking here

How Private Rooms 2.0 can benefit your art business 

Strengthen relationships with your clients and exhibition partners

Communications between artists, collectors, and exhibition partners can be cumbersome. Simplify the process of sharing works, and selecting pieces for purchase or exhibitions—with links to high res, original image files included for quick download. This will save you, your clients, and your gallery precious time—and, as they say, time is money! 

Your clients will feel like VIPs when they receive a personalized, branded, and interactive online viewing room of artworks for their consideration. Artwork Archive provides artists with the tools to offer their collectors the new digital experience for art buying. Include additional images and/or embedded videos that show the works in space (an important option for sculptures, installations, and other three-dimensional pieces). 

When you share any private room within the Artwork Archive platform, the system automatically shows your “share” history, while also recording these details on each contact record for comprehensive client relationship management.

Learn more about Artwork Archive’s fully-integrated CRM here.

Accelerate your clients’ decision-making process and track engagement

With the “favorite” heart icons, your clients can quickly let you know which pieces they are considering, so you can focus on the works they prefer and quickly close the deal.

Have a series of artworks with similar titles? Take the guesswork out of client correspondence and see exactly which pieces they've favorited, with immediate updates to your private room analytics.

You'll receive notifications every hour in your Artwork Archive inbox of which pieces have been favorited and by whom.


Password protect your private room for added exclusivity

To add an extra layer of personalization and privacy, create a password for your private room and share that with your client. The links you provide will be valid for 14 days. 

As art collectors become more digitally-savvy, they expect sales offers to have certain functionalities. Attaching sales PDFs to emails will soon seem like antiquated technology.

Here at Artwork Archive, we want artists to have access to the same digital tools that international galleries and prestigious art fairs offer to their world class collectors, so we developed Private Rooms 2.0. It’s our new favorite feature—and it’s sure to be yours, as well.

Artwork Archive empowers artists to get organized, share their work with the world, and increase their sales. Try it free for 14 days.

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