How to Craft Your Artist About Page to Win Over Collectors

Artwork Archive | May 31, 2018 (Updated September 20, 2022)

Whenever you have a chance to show collectors who you are as an artist, you should take it.

When someone comes into contact with your art business, it’s an opportunity to communicate who you are as an artist. Even though your portfolio is still your strongest asset, your web presence is like a road sign to your portfolio. You’re preparing your visitor for what you are about and getting them interested enough to click through your portfolio page. 

Since artist About pages are often the most frequently visited page on an artist's portfolio, it's a good place to start. 

A common obstacle artists face is how to write the About page of their online portfolio while remaining authentic to their vision and without sounding too self-promotional or inflated. When you work in large or conceptual ideas, it can be difficult to find the most succinct, convincing and accurate words to describe ourselves and the work that we do. 

By using Artwork Archive's new About page and News section along with these simple guidelines, you can more easily convey your brand through these pages. Afterall, your brand is as simple as who you are, what you do, and how well you do it—it doesn't have to be a huge PR campaign. 

Your whole goal with the About page and News section is to get new and interested collectors to spend time with and build relationships with your work (read: purchase) on Artwork Archive's Public Page.

Our latest features help you reach collectors and market your artwork in a whole new way. Here’s how:

Showcase who you are not just as an artist, but as a person.

There’s so much more to buying art than simply browsing a portfolio. Collectors often want to know who you are as an artist before they buy.

Think of your About page as if you are welcoming a friend into your home. It should be warm, inviting, and a comfortable place to come in and continue the conversation.  

Try and imagine the artwork you often fall in love with. It goes deeper than marks on a canvas, doesn’t it? An artist’s background, education, inspirations, techniques, direction—any one of these could help spark a connection with the work.

So, the more information buyers can get about the real you, the better. Don’t be afraid to be personal.

You might have heard the adage that “people like to buy from people” and even more so, they like to buy from people they like. Collectors want to know that an artwork and artist is worth their investment. You can help this process along by making your visitors feel comfortable by providing them with the information you might anticipate they will ask about before a purchase. 

On the flip side, you don’t want to force people to wade through waves and waves of writing. Attention spans are short these days. That’s why on Artwork Archive’s new About Page, there are dedicated sections for your biography, artist statement, CV, and more so collectors can get the info they need.

Each section gives a different glimpse into your life and work, a new opportunity to form a bond with a potential buyer. And once that bond is formed, your odds of making a sale increase tenfold.

Artist Rebecca Bangs breaks up her Bio, Artist Statement, and CV into nice, neat sections for interested collectors.


Build connections and provide proof through your posts. 

Your About Page is not the only chance you get to tempt collectors. Our News Page feature takes marketing your art business one step further.

The News section is then what you offer when your guest has sat down in your living room and is sticking around for a bit. Make your visitor comfortable and engage them by offering information about your studio practice, your process and what you have coming up in the future. You create connections and meaning through the News section. 

When you post about the latest happenings in your art business—showings, awards, interviews, new work—you’re gathering proof and building connections. Essentially, your News Page acts as a portfolio of all the success your art business has enjoyed.

It illustrates that you are successful, reliable, and credible. And, in a potential buyer’s mind, this subconsciously translates to the quality of your art and business practices.


Artist Alane Holsteen advertises her new work and solo exhibition on her News Page.

Share posts that highlight your process, story, and services.

The News section of Artwork Archive's public profile page is another opportunity to share more about what makes you and your artwork unique and valuable. 

Share stories of your artistic path. Where did you start? How did you get to where you are now? What inspired you to become an artist? Did you quit a 9-5 to pursue your passion? Who encouraged you in your life to keep going in the face of defeat? Were you inspired by your travels? 

By writing about your own experiences, you show collectors that you are passionate, committed, thoughtful and engaged. It also gives you a chance to build some common ground with potential buyers online. 

Beyond storytelling, use the News section to post art announcements, event invites, commissions, workshop information, etc. This demonstrates that you are active in your career and gives you an opportunity to promote important money-making opportunities in an authentic way to your collectors. 


Give your visitors a clear direction and reason to act.

Show your visitors what you want them to do. Guide them to the next step by posting about specific events, sales, or exhibitions. Ask yourself what you want your visitor to do once they are done reading your About Page or News Post.

Is it to come to your opening night, join your newsletter, view your new work, check out a sale you are having, or chat about a commission?

Gently push them to take the next step by using direct language and links back to your sale, portfolio or contact page. Don't make them think too hard about what they want to do next. 

Most people need that extra little push (and enjoy the guidance)!


Artist Laura McClanahan does a brilliant job with her call to action, clearly and confidently inviting collectors to her group exhibition and providing the exact details they’ll need to commit.

Be personable, memorable, actionable, & unique.

Yes, you are an artist, not a writer. But that doesn’t mean you should make News posts an afterthought.

Writing is just as important of a tool as which brush or pencil you use. It helps bridge the gap between a stunning work of art and why anyone should care about it.

Our tip? Take the time to nail down your writing voice. It’s okay to have fun with it! Show your personality. Tell a story. Include images. Add links. Be polished and professional, but be yourself.  Be clear and concise when you need to be. Remember, you’re trying to create an artist identity and appeal to the right people.

If you are struggling to find the right words, think about how you would talk to someone you just met at an opening or at a party. How do you describe what you do to a close friend? Take a day to observe your own speech when talking to friends and family about your work or just interacting in general. Are there phrases that you rely on to convey your message? If you write like you speak, you will be able to work through some of the writing jitters and come across as more genuinely you.

The News Page gives you so many possibilities to express yourself and form a connection with collectors. When you come across as authentically yourself in your posts, readers will enjoy and come back to your posts, ready for the next step. 

Ready to reach collectors?

If you want to build credibility, highlight your upcoming events, and call collectors to action, then you’ve come to the right place. Artwork Archive’s newest Public Page features give you an entirely new way to craft your artist identity and market your work.


Start connecting with collectors with a free 14-day trial of Artwork Archive.

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