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Artwork Archive | April 13, 2018

Artwork Archive is more than art inventory.

It’s about giving artists the tools they need to succeed.

That’s why from the start, we have given artists like you a place to share your work and story—with collectors, with buyers and with other creatives around the world.

Because we know the benefits of having a strong online presence cannot be replaced.

Having a quality online presence builds a brand of success. It lets potential buyers know that you’re active in your art practice and makes it easier to connect with collectors. On the other hand, if your website outdated or hard to navigate, it also reflects on your abilities, the quality of your work, and even your assumed success as an artist.

That’s why we developed the Public Profile.

We want to give artists a space to showcase their work and connect with collectors—no web design experience necessary.

Less time, worry and stress. Just a clean and easy way to highlight your artwork and career accomplishments. Linked straight to your inventory, so it’s updated automatically.

Using your feedback, we are thrilled to share the all-new Public Profile with you!

Here's what you can expect:


An extra polished portfolio of your work

The new Public Profile is our sleekest version yet! We set out to give you even more capabilities of a functioning website, without the hassle.

With this new ultra-modern look, collectors will see a short bio below your profile picture—just enough words to capture their attention, while keeping the focus of the main page all about your artwork.



Hover your cursor over each work to preview its details, including availability. Buyers can still choose to preview your inventory as a whole or narrow it down to what’s available and what’s been sold.

Click on a specific piece, and this modern look has been carried over—with the most important details of title, medium, dimensions, and price highlighted next to your artwork.

The biggest change? About, News and Collections now have devoted pages in your profile.

Buyers now can get a comprehensive overview of who you are as an artist, developments in your career and all the other information needed to make a purchase. 

“The Public Profile has rocketed my ability to share my work in one beautiful location. I consider it my simple and outstandingly professional looking electronic calling card.” - Liz Crain


Share your background, credentials and your story as an artist

With a dedicated About Page, you’ll be able to communicate who you are to a community of collectors and creatives in a whole new way.



Grab their attention from the start by uploading a high-quality cover image to the top of your About Page. Then, let your writing do the talking.

Now you have individual sections for your biography, artist statement, and CV.

Need some guidance writing a compelling artist statement? Get some inspiration here

The About Page is easy to modify and edit, too! Simply format it to your liking using the text boxes on your Edit Profile page, just like you would a website or blog. You can even link to one of your resumes already stored in My Docs, and it will appear on your Public Profile.

It’s all about ease of use to save you time.



Keep your audience in the loop

With the News Page, you can now update your audience about the biggest news in your art career from the same site they view your portfolio. Announce your upcoming exhibition dates, career news, events and more.

Manage your announcements, save drafts, and publish stories about your artwork using our new simple blogging platform.




Make it as easy as possible for collectors to see your work

Now with a page devoted to your collections, buyers can view all the different series, themes or groupings of your work at a glance. 

Shown on one crisp, clean page, displaying your cohesive bodies of work helps establish your success as an artist. Plus, collectors may want to snatch up a few coordinating pieces before they are gone.

“I have sold three paintings in the past few months as a direct result of my Public Profile. The total sales value of the pieces is $15,450. My latest sale, “Autumn Shaman” came at the end of a lot of research done by the buyer. They apparently used my Public Page as a touchstone reference as they tracked down pieces of interest at various locations. That brings the value of sales from my Public Page to $20,850.” - Lawrence Lee



Connect with buyers

Collectors explore art on Artwork Archive’s Discovery page to access creative talent across the globe.

And you still get all of the best benefits. For instance, pick and choose which works to display from your art inventory with the click of a button.



You can still receive messages directly from buyers through your Public Profile. And if you sell a work, that money goes straight in your pocket. Artwork Archive never takes a percentage.

Receive Purchase Requests 

A viewer can send you a purchase request from your Public Profile. This means that you will receive a notification in your account of a buyer’s interest. 

Once you communicate with your buyer, you can send them an invoice from your account for the artwork they are purchasing. 

You can even charge your buyer from the invoice itself. Artwork Archive offers a Paypal integration on our invoices. Selling your artwork and getting paid on the spot just became very easy.

Ready to check out the new Public Profile? It’s waiting for you on Artwork Archive. Just log in to your account or sign up for a free trial.

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