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Artwork Archive | October 30, 2015 (Updated April 12, 2021)

The Discovery Homepage changes daily and the Featured Artist changes weekly. Artwork by Teresa Haag, Michele Norman, and Lisa Hess Hesselgrave.

Want to increase your exposure and make new sales without having to lift a finger? We saw this as something we could help with, so we created Discovery. Now your Public Page can be discovered by art buyers and galleries across the world on a platform which lets interested parties contact you directly to purchase work. We built Artwork Archive so you can be as successful as possible and Discovery is the most powerful, business-altering feature we have ever released.

Discovery allows you to:

1. Enhance Your Online Presence so More Art Buyers Can Discover You

Art buyers and collectors can now discover your art on Discovery. And the best part? You don’t have to lift a finger. Buyers can discover your work by exploring our daily changing artwork or searching by medium. They can also search by artist name if they already know your name and want to see your available work.

What’s more, having your Public Page on Discovery amplifies your online presence and is one more way for you to rank higher in search results. New buyers will be able to discover your art and collectors will be able to find your work more easily. You will also be automatically showcasing your art to Artwork Archive’s ever-growing collector base.

Art buyers can easily search art by type. Artwork by Teresa Haag.

2. Get Directly Connected With Art Buyers so They Can Purchase Your Work

Once art buyers have found your art and fallen in love, they can easily look through the available work you have displayed on your Public Page. Then they can either connect with you via the “Contact Artist” button or click on a certain piece send you a purchase request from your Public Profile. This means that you will receive a notification in your account of a buyer’s interest. 

Once you communicate with your buyer, you can send them an invoice from your account for the artwork they are purchasing. 

You can even charge your buyer from the invoice itself. Artwork Archive offers a Paypal integration on our invoices. Selling your artwork and getting paid on the spot just became very easy.

When buyers click on an artist card, they will be taken to the artist's Public Page to see more work. Artwork by Michele Norman.

3. Handle the Transaction and Keep All the Money

Artwork Archive aims to make artists as successful as possible. So, when you sell to art buyers who found you via Artwork Archive, we do not take a cut of your earnings. You handle the transaction and keep all the money you make from your sales. Sweet satisfaction!

Check Out Discovery Today

Then buyers can click on individual Pieces and click "Inquire About Piece" for more information or to set up a sale. Artwork by Lisa Hess Hesselgrave.

This amazing opportunity is only available to our paid subscribers. By subscribing for as low as $6 a month and marking four or more Pieces “public” on your Public Page, your art will be visible on Discovery so art buyers can connect with you to purchase work. That’s it!

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