Make 2018 Your Best Year. Here’s How.

At Artwork Archive we have the joy of working with thousands of artists each year on organizing their artworks and managing their businesses.

One of the best ways to learn is to look to those who’ve come before us. Problems are always bound to arise, but being able to hear what works can be a huge help when it comes to running your art business.

That’s why we’ve identified the top strategies that successful artists use to plan and grow their career. 

Read on to hear their takeaways:

Identify high-level goals & schedule them.

What is your core mission for the year? Is your mission to make art full time? Increase your revenue?

Once you have identified your mission, set a few big goals that will help you get there. Then, come up with a handful of tactics that you can put in your schedule and hold yourself accountable by setting reminders.  


Automate frequent tasks to save time

No more fussing over consignment reports or invoice layout in 2018. Resolve to spend less time behind the desk and more time in the studio this year.

The right inventory software can generate inventory reports, price lists and gallery labels at the click of a button so you never have to waste time making them by hand again.



Organize your artwork to eliminate stress

Being disorganized is linked to anxiety, stress and even depression.

Take some of the chaos out of your life by organizing the details of your art business.

By cataloging the basic details of your artwork like dimensions, price, and location history, you free up mental space and keep your art business running smoothly.

"The most important thing for an artist to realize is that you are also a business owner. And, the more organized you are, the less stress you have. Artwork Archive is so easy. It’s one of those things I wish I did several years ago." Amy Ritter


Promote yourself professionally

You're only as good as how you present yourself. That’s why you need an enticing, beautiful, and easy way to showcase your work.

Linked directly to your inventory, Artwork Archive's public profile page acts as a polished online portfolio showcasing your best work and making it easy for buyers to get in touch with you.



Review your progress

Set up a few "check-points" throughout the year for your art business to review your progress and take stock of what is working.

Getting insights into your art business strategy helps you stay on track, put your efforts into what's working, and eliminate what isn't.

The best part? There’s an easy way to get all of these insights without spending hours combing through spreadsheets and crunching numbers on a calculator.

Monitor your artwork's performance across the board with charts and maps filled with the most vital information for your art business with Artwork Archive, an inventory management system made just for artists.


Get a 30-day free trial of Artwork Archive to see how you can improve your art business, save time, and get organized.