It’s no secret that YouTube is popular for watching and uploading videos. But, did you know that YouTube has over a billion users—almost one-third of all people on the Internet? Imagine that many people having access to your art!

Take your art marketing one step further with YouTube as you share videos about your art that will give your customers a unique glimpse into your life as an artist. So, where do you start?

We’ve put together nine YouTube tips for artists to impress potential buyers and spread the word about your art business, so you can sell more art.

1. Film a Fun Video

If deciding what to share on YouTube has you stumped, try out one of these ideas. Share the story of your favorite piece by expressing your inspiration and how it all came together. Showcase your expertise as an artist with demonstrations, a timelapse of your art being finished, or a review of your tools and materials while you create. Or, simply sit down and speak about your best art business advice.

Whatever you decide to talk about, create a beautiful backdrop for your videos by displaying other finished pieces of art for sale that will catch the eye of potential buyers.

Artist Max Bowden shared a timelapse video of himself creating a hyper-realistic portrait.

2. Target Your Audience

As much as you would like everyone to enjoy your style of art, there’s no use in trying to sell abstract, metal sculptures to someone who collects oil paintings of impressionist landscapes. Your precious time and resources are better used when marketing your art to the right crowd.

Brainstorm which keywords customers would use to describe and search for your type of art online. Whether your keywords illustrate the medium, color, or style of your art, include those words in the title, description, and keyword tags of your video to help your target audience more easily find its way to your art.

3. Keep Length in Mind

Hold onto a potential buyer’s attention by keeping your videos no more than five minutes long. On “The Artist’s Guide to Youtube,” artist and blogger Natasha Wescoat suggests aiming for a video between thirty seconds and three minutes long. Edit your videos with free editing software like iMovie.

4. Call Customers to Action

“What is the one thing that you want people to do after watching your video? Join your mailing list? Bid on an auction for your art?” asks artist Lori McNee. Answer this question, and at the end of your video mention what you would like fans to do next.

Mention that viewers should click on the links in your video’s description. Tell them to see more pieces on your Artwork Archive Public Page, visit your artist website to sign up for your newsletter, or come see your work at your latest showing.

Artist Matt LeBlanc puts a creative spin on the YouTube video of his art.

5. Brand Your Business

Lori McNee also recommends including your logo and quickly introducing yourself and the name of your art business at the beginning and end of your videos. This will help your brand stay present in the minds of your viewers.

Another way to spread awareness of your brand? Be social on YouTube. “Like” other artists’ videos, add a comment, or share the fascinating videos you come across on social media.

What should you do after making your video?

6. Promote Your Video

Don’t waste time waiting for people to come across your video. After you’ve uploaded it on YouTube, share the video on your social media, newsletter, and artist blog. Make sure you include a link to your YouTube channel on your artist website. The more potential buyers can learn about and see your art, the better!

7. Get Insight

The final step is to track how well your videos are doing with YouTube’s Analytics. See how engaged your audience is, which geographic locations are watching, a video’s performance over a certain amount of time, and more.

Use these insights to inform your art marketing strategy and see which videos help your art business the most.

Now get filming!

If you aren’t an experienced actor, don’t worry. We know that a video of yourself might sound a bit unnerving, but fans and potential buyers will appreciate your sincerity and what you have to say about your art. Just be yourself and do what feels right for you as an artist because YouTube is another valuable art marketing channel that can help your art career flourish.

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