4 Easy Websites to Make an Art Business Blog for Free

Artwork Archive | March 2, 2016

If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog for your art business, you are going to need the perfect site to use.

You may be thinking, “I know absolutely nothing about creating a website.”

You know you want to spread the word about your art business and share your experiences in words and pictures. But, what sites can you use for your art blog that don’t cost hundreds of dollars for an experienced designer to create and maintain?

From the most customizable blog to the easiest site to use, we have rounded up four websites that let you create the blog of your dreams–no tech experience necessary and for absolutely free.

1. WordPress

WordPress is a very popular option for creating websites and blogs – in fact, millions of websites use it! This is because their site provides templates that are easy to use, and you can use their service for free. The only catch is that your website domain name will include “WordPress” in it.

For example, your potential buyers would go to your website “watercolorstudios.wordpress.com” instead of the more simple “watercolorstudios.com.” If you are willing to pay, you can upgrade to a site without “WordPress” in the domain name and gain access to even more customization options.

You will be able to easily create a professional-looking blog for your art with their design templates, and you will have the ability to add all of your social media links, track your site statistics, and even publish art tips on the go with WordPress’s mobile app.

Tip: You can find free PDF guides, WordPress video tutorials, and other handy blogging tools for web beginners at First Site Guide to start building your online presence on your own, through guided material.

Artwork Archive artist Terrill Welch created her site using WordPress.

2. Weebly

Similar to WordPress, Weebly is free and extremely easy to use. The site name is included in the domain unless you pay to make it your own, but that isn’t a problem if you don’t want to pay extra. Just focus on making your branding as consistent as possible, and people will ignore “weebly” in your site’s address.

Weebly offers tons of features so you can easily customize your art business blog to your heart’s content. And, you don’t need any technical experience to do it! Add anything from images, videos, and slideshows of your artwork to maps, surveys, and contact forms to better connect with potential buyers.

This website is using Weebly’s template “Impact.”

Include anything you want simply by dragging and dropping into a template. You can even edit and manage your blog from your smart phone. Weebly also helps you track your site’s performance and lets you see how many visitors you get so you can always stay on top of this new extension of your art business.

Want something simpler?

3. Blogger

Run by the online powerhouse Google, Blogger is a great option for simple, free blogging. But again, using it for free will include “blogger” in your domain name. It is also much less fancy than Weebly or WordPress in terms of design. However, you will have a site that lets you focus your attention on writing and images.

Blogger’s template looks just like a Word document, where you can type in the newest technique you’ve been working on in the studio or share your latest creative inspiration with your fans.

It’s good to remember that Blogger is a very basic website that has the three main features you would want out of a blog, which is a running feed that displays your posts, the ability to add in images and links with your writing, and a comment section – one more great space to interact with potential buyers.

If you're looking for images beyond your artwork to convey your message, you can consider stock photo sites. Make sure to credit when possible!

Artwork Archive artist Robin Pedrero uses Blogger for her posts.

4. Tumblr

Again, if taking on a full-blown customizable website seems too daunting, but you are also looking to easily connect with people, try a site like Tumblr. Tumblr consists of over 200 million blogs, so not only is it a good platform for people to read your own personal blog, but a great source to follow and communicate with other art blogs as well.

For instance, if you see something you like on Tumblr, you can repost it to your own blog and add your own commentary. Artists or fans can do this with your content as well, so you can interact constantly with new people. With a whole Tumblr section dedicated to art, the possibilities are endless for what you will find and the other artists or art enthusiasts you will meet.

Tumblr allows you to add all different types of posts and search specifically for art.

Just remember, Tumblr is not your typical professional blog site. But if being social is how you aim to gain buzz around your work, Tumblr is a wonderful, free platform to use.

Which site should you choose?

With lots of great options for creating a free blog for your art business, it can be hard to know which one to use. We suggest you keep in mind your end goal. If you are hoping to gain credibility as an artist, create a blog that speaks to your knowledge.

Sites like WordPress or Weebly will take your branding one step further to impress potential buyers. A no-fuss site like Blogger is great for diving straight into sharing your latest tips or inspiration. But, if you want another platform to interact and promote your art, pick a site like Tumblr.

Having a blog linked to your Artwork Archive Public Page is just another way to promote your incredible talent, so your art business can flourish.

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