Photo of Children's Hospital Colorado's "The Power of Family/El Poder de la Familia" exhibit displayed in its temporary exhibit hall. You can see the exhibit on their Public Profile here.

Read rave reviews of Artwork Archive from arts and health programs.

Artwork Archive is quickly becoming the collection management system of choice for hospital art collections around the country. The database’s intuitive interface is perfect for programs of all sizes–from small collections in rural locations to health networks that span campuses across a city or state.

Arts in healthcare managers are busy folks. You’re juggling a lot of projects, tasks, stakeholders…and often locations.

Hospitals are also busy places. Your artwork is not displayed in a quiet, secured setting like a museum. Gurneys are speeding past artworks. Children are exploring hallways. That means that you need platforms that simplify your workflow–not complicate it or create more stress.

We at Artwork Archive understand (one of our teammates is the child of an art therapist and mother to a medically complex child). We have been working with hospital art collections for over a decade to help them digitize, organize, manage, preserve and share their artworks. We’re here to save you hours with our easy-to-use online art collection management tools.

“Artwork Archive is my second brain. It is my repository.” Antonia Dapena-Tretter, Stanford Children’s Health

With Artwork Archive you can quickly access information like artwork locations, artist bios, insurance values, and condition reports. You’ll stay on top of all of your tasks like artwork dropoffs, exibition installs, maintenance tasks and grant deadlines by setting reminders and utilizing our Schedule.

You can easily share information with donors, your foundation, department heads and other partners with customizable reports, Private Rooms and a web presence connected to your database.

With everything saved in one centralized place, not only is collaboration and communication simplified, but transitions will also be a breeze if employees leave or join the team. 

And best of all, you can promote your program and excel at your mission with Artwork Archive’s web presence. Establish a public portal to your collection to promote discoverability and engagement with Artwork Archive’s Public Profile, website embeds, interactive maps and online exhibitions.  

Artwork Archive is an ideal solution for hospitals and arts in medicine programs with advanced provenance tracking, multi-user support and accessibility on any device. With Artwork Archive you’ll:


Hear why hospitals like NYC Health + Hospitals and Michigan Medicine call Artwork Archive their essential resource.


Don’t be tethered to your desk. Access your art collection from anywhere.

“Before Artwork Archive we utilized Filemaker which is cumbersome because it did not allow more than a few registered users to access the artwork collection via traditional desktop. Because of Artwork Archive's cloud based technology our art collection can be seen from anywhere even via smartphone!

It's easy for our staff to access and locate art around our campus. Plus donors and friends can utilize the Artwork Archive website to find their favorite art pieces or donated artwork. Artwork Archive also allows us to build "collections" or categories of our collection, so it's easy to search these categories and find art pieces.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


Save money, time and headache by switching to Artwork Archive from older, clunkier systems. 

“We made the switch from Re: discovery Proficio. The old system was not very user friendly. It had a lot of features we did not need. A lot of features were add-ons meaning you would be charged for more functionality. But ultimately, what it really came down to was our need for a public viewing portal and the ability to share and integrate other systems into Artwork Archive seamlessly.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Screenshot of Michigan Medicine's Gifts of Art Program's exhibit displayed virtually on their Artwork Archive Public Profile.


Boost interaction with your exhibitions.

"With the Public Profile, we tripled the number of votes for our annual staff exhibition. People were able to engage without being on campus and in the hospital." – Gifts of Art at Michigan Medicine


Collaboration becomes simple and effective with Artwork Archive. 

“I highly recommend this database and the company as a whole. I love how easy it is to add files on the fly! It's cloud-based so I can access it on any of my devices. I use it in collaboration with the many stakeholders who work on the hospital's art program with me. It's also very easy to learn to use, as opposed to many of the databases I've been exposed to before. Plus, their customer service is impeccable!” – Stanford Children’s Health


Take your art program to new heights with a powerful database. 

“Artwork Archive has been an instrumental partner in helping take Children's Hospital Colorado's arts program to new heights. With Artwork Archive we have increased access to art across our System of Care and created a new standard for stewardship of our fine art collection. With Artwork Archive's suite of services we are able to create virtual exhibitions, catalog every piece of art, track donor and artist information, and more easily implement pieces for the greatest benefit of our audiences.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


Screenshot from Arts & Health at Duke University's online art exhibit fundraiser where they sell artworks by local artists and artisans


Selling artwork as a fundraiser? Increase sales with Artwork Archive.

“Since documenting all of our rotating exhibits, the response has been truly incredible. Requests for purchasing artwork has basically tripled.  And now we are so happy to be able to share our Permanent Collection–providing a much more engaging experience for our patients, visitors and staff.” – Arts & Health at Duke University


Data migration is smooth, easy and secure with Artwork Archive.

“Artwork Archive helped make the transfer from ArtSystems easy and was incredibly supportive throughout the transfer and onboarding process. The platform has dramatically simplified so much of what we do and we are very happy with our decision to make the switch." – New York City Health + Hospitals


Easily track artworks, maintenance, satellite locations and more. 

“Artwork Archive is an indispensable resource to Children’s Hospital Colorado. It makes it super easy for the hospital’s foundation team or other teams around the hospital to locate specific artworks when we receive inquiries from donors, artists and the public. Plus the maintenance feature is a useful tool for tracking repairs and maintenance to artwork located in multiple satellites locations.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


You don’t need grant funding for your new CMS.

“Why did we choose Artwork Archive? Cost…and it had all of the features we needed. And some we didn't even realize we needed. The cost is extremely affordable in comparison to other systems out there.” – Arts & Health at Duke University

Screenshot of Children's Hospital Colorado's Interactive Map hosted on their Artwork Archive Public Profile.


You deserve a partner in the work you do and incredible customer support.

“Access to creative arts in the hospital provides inspiration, respite, and joy. Artwork Archive goes above and beyond a partner or vendor, they are true collaborators who recognize that a compassionate touch makes all the difference. Their team is always looking for ways to strengthen the work we do.” – Children’s Hospital Colorado


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