Preserve your investment with maintenance tracking.

You’ve invested considerable time and money building your art collection. Now it’s time to care for your collection by maintaining its physical integrity. This way you and others can enjoy it well into the future.

Maintaining your art collection does not have to be a headache. Here are five easy ways to protect and preserve your art with Artwork Archive’s maintenance tools:

1. Take a few moments to log details that will save hours of work later.

Whether it is cleaning frames, replacing a matboard or fixing a tear, your artwork will need attention and long-term care.

Track your collection’s care by recording what maintenance happened, who did it, and how much it cost. These key details will come in handy down the road when discussing future care with art restorers or conservators, determining the true cost of your collection, and during estate planning.  

Upload and store important files like invoices, assessments, conservator notes, and images so that you always have the assessment, maintenance and treatment of the work on hand, no matter where you are.

With online art inventory platforms like Artwork Archive, all of your important information is in one place, easy to access and share. 

2. Schedule reminders for upcoming conservation efforts.

Does your bronze need waxing and buffing every year? Never lose sight of future maintenance needs. Whether it be a cleaning, an assessment or a dedicated conservation effort, schedule reminders so that you never miss a critcal care moment.

3. Know the cost of maintaining your collection.

Every time you spend money on maintenance materials or hire a professional, log the payment so that you can see not only the cost of maintaining a single piece, but also your entire collection.

Create reports that show maintenance costs to share with other stakeholders like family members, estate planners or colleagues.

4. Keep track of key contacts.

Over the lifetime of your collection, you’ll most likely work with a variety of art professionals. Keep track of the experts you work with including art handlers, art restorers and conservators.

Stop sifting through business cards, pieces of paper or searching through your email. Always have the contact info you need on hand in one centralized place.  

5. Create maintenance reports to document and share important details.

With Artwork Archive’s online tools you can create maintenance reports with a few clicks of a button. Generate a report that outlines the conservation of an individual work of art. Or, create a report that shows the cost of all maintenance done to your collection in one calendar year.

Make your art restorer or conservator’s life easier by tracking these conservation efforts so that they can quickly and effectively make the best decision for your precious piece.

Why is maintaining your art collection important?

Your art is not just something to take pleasure in, it is also an asset. So make sure you are protecting your assets and optimizing for the best financial outcome whether that is a sale, gifting or donating your works.

And ultimately, by caring for your collection, you are preserving its legacy. Ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Start tracking your art collection’s care with Artwork Archive’s easy-to-use inventory management tools.