Artwork Archive presents new tools for your art collection management needs.

Artwork Archive has been helping collectors, organizations, and artists organize, manage, and showcase their art for over a decade. But, the restrictions of 2020 made it paramount to bring collections online. You all needed a way to safely access your artworks, to collaborate remotely, and to bring your exhibitions online. We made that possible. 

From interactive maps to QR codes to PayPal payment processing, here’s how we made managing your artworks easier this year.

Now you can...

Implement seamless organization and amplify your online presence with QR codes.  

QR codes bring a level of intelligent and simplified asset tagging that we've never had before. It not only simplifies the inventorying process, but also dramatically impacts ongoing collection management. 

When managing large art inventories, QR codes help you stay organized and save time. QR codes enable contactless collaboration and information sharing—critical during our global pandemic. 

Print QR codes as labels or a checklist. Attach them to works in storage so you know what's ready to ship. Include them in wall labels so that you can share more information. When scanned, the QR code brings the viewer to your Artwork Archive Public Profile so you can share the story of the artist and their process. 


QR Code labels are a part of robust report offerings within your Artwork Archive account


Make your art collection more accessible with an Interactive Map. 

It's easy to share your public art installations, temporary works, galleries and various collections with Artwork Archive's Interactive Map for Organizations

The Interactive Map shows the spread of your art collection—whether that be across the country, throughout town or on campus. Viewers can drill down to particular locations, learn more about specific artworks, and get Google Map directions with ease.

Check out how Cheyenne/Laramie County Public Art and Nebraska Arts Council utilizes the Interactive Map.  

The Interactive Map is included in your Public Profile. Check out the Google Map link!


Help people find your art, even when it does not have a formal address. 

If you have sculptures scattered throughout a park, or murals hidden away in alleys, then a street address may not be the best identifier. Now you can add GPS coordinates to your artworks in Artwork Archive. This ensures that the exact location is viewable on a map. 

This is great for public art programs, institutions with large campuses, sculpture parks, and outdoor art festivals. 


Include GPS coordinates on the artwork record.


Keep better location records with Location Notes.

You aren’t limited by just the name of the location where your artwork resides. Keep detailed notes on the specifics of the Location. For instance, note that the print is on the north-facing wall, the sculpture is located on the roof, and the specifics of your hanging rack within a storage space. 

Location Record Notes are a helpful way to keep location details attached to your object record. 


Maintain better provenance records.

Preserve the legacy and value of your artworks with detailed provenance records. In your Artwork Archive account, you’ll find a place to store:

  • Exhibition History
  • Publication History
  • Provenance Notes

Then all of this key information will be attached to your object record and ready to share when it is time to loan, sell or bequeath the piece of art.


Save time by letting artists submit works to your online database.

Artists can now submit artworks into your organization account with your permission. This secure data transfer lets you get up-to-date information and images without any legwork on your end—saving hours of inventory management and letting you focus on other tasks. 

The artist submission form ensures you get the information you need uploaded into your account, including images.


Coordinate sales and loans, and create VIP access to your artworks with Private Rooms.

We built a way for you to collaborate virtually with clients, appraisers, art insurers and partnering institutions. Private Rooms are online viewing rooms that you curate and then share exclusively with your contacts. No more lengthy back-and-forths and email attachments. Everything is viewable in one place.

Share your Private Room directly from your Artwork Archive account.


Make (online) sales easier and faster. 

Virtual connections have proven instrumental in our new normal. If you’re selling artwork, we just made it a lot easier to make sales, generate invoices and process payments online. Here's what's new:

Online invoicing: Seamlessly send branded invoices to clients, schedule payment installments, include discounts, and add custom notes and headers, all from your Artwork Archive account.

Purchase requests: You now have a direct line from interested buyers through Artwork Archive's Public Profile, Private Rooms, or Embed to make Purchase Requests. Plus, create invoices and get paid directly from Purchase Requests. 

​Artwork Archive Inbox: Messages, Inquiries and Purchase Requests now come directly to your Artwork Archive account. Keep your messages organized and create invoices right from your inbox. 

Payment Processing: With our PayPal integration, you get paid directly and the sales information gets updated in your account. 

Create, send and track invoices directly from your Artwork Archive account.


2020 is in the rearview mirror and we’re ready for 2021!

Our goal is to help you protect and preserve your art collection in the best and in the worst of times. 

We could not provide such an innovative art collection management system without the continued support and direct feedback from our collectors and collecting institutions—thank you!


Want to gain access to all of these great new features and more? Try out the 30-day free trial of Artwork Archive today.