From dynamic online exhibitions to enhanced security and new collaborative tools, here’s how we made managing your art collection easier, thanks to your input.

Although we've said goodbye to 2021, Artwork Archive is proud of all the progress we made last year—with your help! Below is a recap of the most important new features we launched in 2021, many of which were developed directly from your feedback.

We want to ensure that you have all the tools necessary to continue reaching your goals—whether that means digitally cataloging your art collection for the first time, finding new ways to engage with your communities, or collaborating remotely with your team.

We've all become more reliant on technology over the past few years, and 2021 was no exception. That's why we set out to make our cloud-based platform even more streamlined, secure, and user-friendly than ever before.

You can now...

Reach Beyond Your Gallery Walls and Create More Access with Online Exhibitions

Create virtual exhibits and embed them into your website. Manage upcoming shows and archive past exhibitions.

Create online exhibitions directly from your Artwork Archive account. We made it easy for you to stand-up a show in no time. And, these exhibitions can be synced to your website—expanding your impact.

The Exhibitions tool also makes it simple to plan upcoming shows collaboratively—whether they're onsite, online or traveling. Keep track of artworks, contacts, deadlines, and important documents like loan agreements and exhibition checklists.

The future is bright, but don't lose sight of the wonderful shows you've produced in the past! Document historical exhibitions and preserve an archive of your organization's legacy.

A screenshot from Arts & Health at Duke's Public Profile hosted both on Artwork Archive's Discovery and Arts & Health at Duke's website. This screenshot is from a recent exhibition, Land and Water. 


Build and Strengthen Relationships with a Robust CRM

Save money and time by streamlining your contact information in one platform–Artwork Archive.

Having a CRM integrated with your collection management database is critical for lasting success—providing more efficient collaboration, reducing costs, and strengthening relationships, all of which adds to your organization's bottom line.

Artwork Archive's updated CRM automates tasks, consolidates communication, allows you to find information quickly, and helps you take action against insights.

Here's a few updates:

  • Send reports and Private Rooms directly from your account to individuals or Contact Groups.
  • Automatically track communication on each Contact record. Always know what information was sent to whom, and when.

Get an Extra Level of Security for Your Data.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and utilize Activity Logs.

Setup 2FA for your account login. By providing two different authentication factors, you can rest assured knowing that only verified people can access your account. Learn more about how 2FA can help secure your account.

Worried that an artwork was deleted or that a record was changed incorrectly? You can now verify those actions. Track changes that have been made to your Artwork Archive account with the Activity Log feature. Learn more about Activity Logs.


Let Artwork Archive Artists Submit Artworks Directly into Your Account

Save yourself time and administrative tasks when running a call for art or organizing an exhibition with the Direct Upload tool.

Artists with Artwork Archive accounts can upload artworks directly into your Organization account (with your permission). This allows for effortless sharing of images & information between artists and the venues that exhibit and sell their art.

"One thing that we really love, especially for rotating exhibits, is the artist can upload their artworks and images to our Artwork Archive account. That saves a lot of time...This all had to be done in different forms before. Now it's in one place." – Jennifer Collins-Mancour, Visual Arts Coordinator for Arts & Health at Duke at Duke University Hospital

Learn more about the Direct Upload Tool.


We’re here to help you succeed in 2022!

Our goal is to help you organize, preserve and showcase your art collection. 

We could not provide such an innovative art collection management system without the continued support and direct feedback from our collectors and collecting institutions—thank you!

Want to gain access to all of these great new features and more? Try out the 30-day free trial of Artwork Archive today.