Have you considered an art inventory platform for your art career?

If you have, you might already know that a platform like Artwork Archive can help you manage the administrative side of your art business from invoicing to sale to archiving. But, you still might have some questions.

Is an Artwork Archive account worth the investment? 

Is it worth having another subscription?

What about the cloud? 

What can I expect when I become a member?

For some artists, it’s about organizing their artworks during their careers in order to save time previously spent looking around for files and information. For others, Artwork Archive enables artists to capture and preserve their body of work over the span of their career. And still, for some, the platform helps them grow their art business with ease. 

From innovative new features to tailored support, here are 10 reasons that Artwork Archive artists say Artwork Archive is the best art inventory platform. 


Artwork Archive is cloud-based, so there are always new features being added.

Beyond the fact that the software already does so much, they do something really crazy: they LISTEN to their customers. If there is something you would like to see the software do, they take you seriously. And they are improving the product constantly, adding new features and making it more robust by the year. I cannot brag on them enough for how they handle working with their customers.”—Robert Bean 


One of my favorite things is your interest is adding features while keeping the same standard format. I feel like you really care. I am a disorganized person and need all the help I can get. Being able to create a clear professional looking inventory list quickly is priceless.”—Emily Gherard


Artwork Archive really cares; you can expect quality customer support.

“I cannot say enough great things about Artwork Archive’s customer service and support. It is timely, comprehensive, and delivered with an unexpected level of friendly interactions. That support was the final push to get me to subscribe.”Patrick Sieg

The customer service is unbeatable! They are attentive, helpful, and friendly. They are dedicated to giving you the smoothest and least complicated experience. Artwork Archive puts in a team effort to make everything you need a top priority.”—Lindsey V.


Artwork Archive makes tracking art sales and income easy.

Every sale is automatically logged so you can keep track of inventory, relationship management, and income in one place. Especially helpful is that you can automatically create editions from prints and track every numbered print you produce. This is normally a real nightmare but they make it easy.”—Amantha Tsaros


The platform is intuitive and easy to use.

“I enjoy the clean, minimalistic appearance it prides itself in. In addition, I find myself inspired by its ease of guidance with a tutorial-listic approach to instructing its users.” —Lauren H.

The clean interface and the ease of getting around the platform. Everything is thought [through] and then more.”—Lucy M.

“I love Artwork Archive. It is the first system that "thinks like me" and is logical from "my" perspective. Now I can stay in the studio and create art with no computer technology frustration. Thank you!”—Shima Shanti


The professional reports in Artwork Archive give you a professional edge.

“It affirmed my sense of myself as a professional artist, helping me organize my inventory and showing me how far I'd come. But it didn't take long to see all the other benefits. It's easy to use. It's super easy to search for. It's flexible. Customer service is quick to respond and helpful with your specific needs. When I've brought inventory sheets with me as I dropped art at a gallery, the gallerist wished every artist they worked with were as organized. When the invoice comes every year I'm happy to pay it—it always feels like a great bargain.” —Julia B


The features save you time and energy so you can focus on creating artwork.

“It takes care of the business side of things so I can focus on painting. It's easy to use, very intuitive and can be integrated with your website so you only have to update things once. Also - the customer support team is great—helpful and quick to respond.”Kate Emery


Artwork Archive has more functionality for less money.

“All the functionality of the leading platforms is available at a fraction of the cost and the website integration reduces the time and effort of maintaining different platforms.”—Richard K

I tried a few software products, but Artwork Archive gave me more functionality for less hard-earned dollars.”—James M.


Artwork Archive reduces stress by getting you organized. 

You should have seen the tracking mess I had beforehand! It was embarrassing to have to ask a gallery what pieces I had with them. Artwork Archive has helped me be more professional all-around”—Liz Crain

"I knew I needed to get organized. I think that’s the most important thing as an artist is that it is a business. The more organized you are, the less stressed out you are. Artwork Archive is so easy to navigate, so every day I add one or two things. I’m not good at organization naturally, but it’s one of those things I wish I did several years ago—even before grad school.

[Before Artwork Archive] I was always forgetting sizes and measurements and then playing catch up before it. My recommendation to everyone else is to start now! Don’t wait until later because there is never a convenient time—but, being in charge of your business relieves a lot of stress." —Amy Ritter


Artwork Archive not only inventories your artwork, but it also helps you market it. 

“The Public Profile is an invaluable tool! What I love is that unlike other portfolio sites, this one comes right from the inventory data, so it’s always up-to-date!”—Rebecca Crowell

“The Public Profile has rocketed my ability to share my work in one beautiful location. I consider it my simple and outstandingly professional-looking electronic "calling card".”—Liz Crain


Artwork Archive gives you all the business tools you need in one place

“This SaaS tool combines inventory management (including the holy grail of managing print runs!), CRM functionality, and can even pull together a schedule for me of show dates that I enter, along with details so I don't miss a Call for Entry. There are even reporting tools built-in and (ta-da!) it pulls together gallery collections that I can integrate into my own website!”—Bobbi Bjornholt


Ready to see for yourself how Artwork Archive can help your art career?

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