Save Time and Connect With Collectors This Holiday Season Using Artwork Archive

Cassidy Cole | November 21, 2023

Artist signing art card: A male artist wearing a black hat leans over an art card, signing the back with a pencil.Artist Max Ruebensal, working in his studio. 

Streamline Your Holiday Outreach This Season

The holiday season is an ideal time for artists to connect with clients and strengthen relationships through personalized outreach. We know that organizing and sending holiday communications can eat up valuable studio time during this already hectic season.

Luckily, Artwork Archive offers tools to help simplify your holiday messaging so you can focus on spreading seasonal cheer, not sorting spreadsheets.

Here are tips for leveraging your Artwork Archive account this holiday season:


Use Contact Records to manage client relationships:

Artwork Archive allows you to store detailed contact information for your clients, galleries, curators, and more. You can include addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and notes on how you know each contact. This makes it easy to maintain a centralized database of everyone you want to reach out to.


Create Contact Groups to easily segment your contacts: 

For holiday mailings, you likely want to message specific groups of your contacts, such as clients who purchased artwork this year. 

In Artwork Archive, you can create smart Contact Groups to segment your contacts. For example, make a "Holiday Newsletter" group that includes previous collectors and supporters you want to thank for the past year.

Artwork Archive Contacts page with Holiday Cards: An image of the Contacts page in Artwork Archive displays various contact groups. A purple rectangle highlights the contact group titled "Holiday Cards" for adding contacts to send holiday notes to.List of Contact Groups in Artwork Archive

Generate address labels to save time on sending personalized notes: 

Once you've created a contact group, quickly generate printable address labels through Artwork Archive. The labels will be pre-formatted to fit Avery templates 5160 and 7160, eliminating the need to make your own or type out each address. 

With a few clicks, you can print sheets of labels ready to stick on holiday cards, envelopes, or any mailings. It's a convenient way to send personal notes through the mail to your selected groups. No need to worry about formatting or looking up individual addresses!

Generating address labels in Artwork Archive: An image of the Artwork Archive Contacts page shows the "New Report" button at the top. A purple arrow points to the right at an example of address labels that can be generated, showing contact name and address details.Generating Address Labels for a specific Contact Group in Artwork Archive

Go paperless by sharing digital holiday messages:

Go paperless this holiday season by including special holiday messages when sharing digital Reports, Private Rooms, Documents, and more with selected Contact Groups in Artwork Archive. You can even upload a holiday card to My Docs and send it to an entire group at once along with a festive message. Reach all contacts in a Group with just a few clicks while cutting paper usage. Spread holiday cheer the efficient, eco-friendly way!

You can also include links to Private Rooms, Reports, or your Public Profile within your own newsletter platform for a complete digital holiday greeting. 


Make more sales this season by easily sharing available work:

The holidays are a popular time to purchase art. Use Artwork Archive's Private Rooms feature to easily share works available for purchase. Create a "Holiday Collection" room and invite select contacts to view and buy artwork. 

The Private Room allows you to control who can access the works while also sharing with multiple contacts at once. It's a great way to connect collectors with special holiday offerings in a personalized setting.

Sending holiday message to contact group: An image shows the message creation window in Artwork Archive with the "Group Send" section filled in with a contact group named "Holiday Cards." The message text shows a holiday greeting being composed to send to all contacts in the selected group at once.Share a Private Room with an entire Contact Group in Artwork Archive

Track your interactions with contacts to keep up the momentum after the holidays:

Log any holiday interactions in Artwork Archive, such as personalized Reports sent or Private Rooms shared. Recording these interactions automatically adds them to each contact's history within their Contact Record. This creates a complete timeline of your relationship and communications with each contact. 

The interaction tracking makes it easy to pick up where you left off after the holidays. You'll have a record of who you connected with and can easily continue those relationships.


Spread holiday cheer publicly and extend your reach online:

Post a festive, seasonal greeting on your Artwork Archive Public Profile Newsfeed. Craft it with cheerful well-wishes, an eye-catching image, or a recap of the previous year. This public message enables you to connect with current and prospective collectors beyond your private contact list. Use it as an opportunity to share updates and spread holiday joy to your broader audience.

News post example for collector outreach: An image shows an Artwork Archive public profile with a News Post titled "Thank you for a great year!" This demonstrates how artists can write holiday news posts to thank and connect with collectors on their public profiles.A News post on an Artwork Archive Public Profile.

Create your own limited edition gift cards on Artwork Archive

While Artwork Archive does not directly offer custom gift card creation, artists can design their own using existing features. The Runs/Reproductions feature allows you to produce limited edition gift card sets. Simply upload an image of your gift card design as a Piece Record. Then create a Run for the number of gift cards you want to produce. You can even assign different values by pricing each one individually.

Using Artwork Archive to design and manage self-produced gift card sets gives artists a unique way to bridge the gap between holiday sales and new artwork production. 

An image shows the reproductions section in Artwork Archive for a piece record. The primary image is a gift card design. This demonstrates the ability to track gift card reproductions and sales within Artwork Archive.Artwork Archive's Runs/Reproductions feature

Artwork Archive takes the busywork out of holiday communication.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to strengthen connections and show appreciation for your collectors and clients. But when bogged down with administrative tasks, it's hard to be fully present. Artwork Archive handles the logistics behind the scenes so you can focus on your art.

Here’s to setting your relationships up for success in the new year ahead. With simplified systems in place, you can stay organized while nurturing your community authentically. Let Artwork Archive handle the busy work so you can have a successful, joyful, and stress-free holiday season!


Get started today with Artwork Archive with a free 14-day trial. No strings attached.

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