Internal Light

  • Acrylic and Marker on Paper
  • 10.25 x 7.25 in
  • $950.00
  • Bragino

Bursting light illuminates the darkness bubbling from within the depths of the soul. The warmth of the glow sifts it’s way through the swirling internal air. In this glow all things are possible and from this space all things are born.

This idea is one of the main driving forces behind most of this series. In it's simplest form the ideas is this > We all have within us an internal light that is ever present, eternal, and in-extinguishable. This is the light of creation, of hope, of the soul. I see this light as a lovely, warm, and welcoming presence that sits patiently waiting for us to commune with it. It always wants us to grow spiritually and loves us unconditionally. It's like the Mother of our consciousness and it's connected to the universe in an eternal manner.

When I look at this finished image I can see the influence that Louis Comfort Tiffany and his incredible mixed media glass sculptures have had on me. This image is also representative of my tendency to allow random scribbled lines to remain as a major part of my compositions. I feel by utilizing the energetic underdrawing as a means to design from I'm retaining the life and the energy that comes directly and unconsciously from my own soul. You're not seeing a technique on display here, you're witnessing my heart poured onto the page which allows my sense of design a playground to explore.

The line drawing in this piece that creates the stained glass appearance was drawn digitally on top of the original hand painted paper image.

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