Vine of the Soul, Ayahuasca

  • Acrylic and Marker on Paper
  • 15 x 21 in
  • $1,500.00
  • Bragino

GrandMother Ayahuasca wrap me up in your arms and allow me the space to clearly see myself, to see the truth, to reconnect with the Earth and to bask in the light of oneness and love.

My experiences with Ayahuasca have been nothing short of comforting, grounding, and enlightening. To me there is life in the vine that's referred to as Ayahuasca and a supremely intelligent wisdom that she brings into your life when you commune and surrender to her. It's not something that can easily be explained in words but more of something that each individual must experience for themselves. My time with her has brought me to a place where I feel called to create imagery that heralds this ancient plant based medicine. I can't say enough about how it changed me, brought me closer to nature and re-established my faith in life and most importantly love.

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