A Place to Gather

  • Acrylic and Laser engraving on Paper
  • 2.5 x 4.5 in
  • $500.00
  • Bragino

Such a place this is. This simple space, a solemn field, a lovely green landscape. Sit with me and feel the pulse of nature on this sacred land. We are one in harmony together. Our special place that only we know about - This is our sacred place to gather.

I love to explore nature and to find amazing places that just speak to my soul. When I created this image initially only the green and yellow background was present. I scanned the image and drew the white marks in photoshop then utilized my Epilogue laser engraver to inscribe the marks back into the original painted watercolor paper. That image was then scanned and I extended the design down towards the bottom of the image to allow for a larger print size.

When I got this image into photoshop with just the background it appeared to me like a solemn rock in the middle of a Scottish landscape. As I was drawing the white marks onto it I had the sense that the marks were like little birds that came to commune in this lovely place. It reminded me of friendship, sacred spaces, and a meeting place where anyone can go to recharge their sense of wonder, connectedness and spirituality. I personally find comfort in this image, I hope it means something for you as well.

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