I am Mountain

  • Acrylic and Marker on Paper
  • 7 x 10 in
  • $950.00
  • Bragino

I am mountain, I invite you to see. As you walk my northern face, As you scurry through my leaves. Is it me you witness clearly, are you present here today? It takes some time, explore some more, I beg of you to stay.

Imagine you only had this one mountain to live on and to explore as opposed to just visiting it on a vacation for a week. What wonders and worlds would you encounter as a result of this deep study of this place? I had this thought process come to me at the end of a relationship. When faced with the fact of walking away from this person I realized that we, as modern human beings, don't explore enough in one place anymore. It's so easy to just move on and we only ever find surface level understanding. It occurred to me that prior to travel being so easily available people had no choice but to commune on a deep level with the nature that they lived in or nearby and they knew those places intimately. The following poem came from this contemplation and speaks towards a desire for more intimacy in all our relationships.

I am Mountain

I am mountain,
Do you fully, truly see?
As you walk my Northern face,
As you scurry through my leaves.
is it me you witness clearly, are you present here today?
It takes some time, explore some more
I beg of you to stay.

There are many rocks to overturn and kick from place to place,
they form safe paths to get around, did you see my gentle face?
Do you sense the spirit that lives in me and
all I have to give, are you thinking of another place as you look out from my ridge?

There's nourishment upon my ground
a song within my breeze.
Can you feel my rhythms, twists and turns, the sanctum of my trees?

Do you understand the essence here
my valleys and my woods.
Have you spoken to my towering friends
and loved them like you should.

Lay with me, ask not a thing, embrace the silent presence
of souls before you finding peace and adding to my essence.

I am mountain, strong and proud and welcoming and kind,
Stay with me there's so much more I promise you will find.

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