Precious Gift of Life

  • Acrylic, Marker and Laser engraving on Paper
  • 20 x 14 in
  • $1,500.00
  • Bragino

The following passage is written in the top right hand corner of this image.

"From this ethereal drifting cloud comes the waters of life. Life on our beautiful planet Earth. It's through our Beloved Mother that all things are given. Fly on the winds celestial soul and drink from the fountain that nourishes all. These waters are given to you as a gift. The precious Gift of Life."

This image was created in multiple layers and techniques. Originally I painted the abstract background or reds and oranges onto a piece of 18" x 24" watercolor paper. I then scanned the image and brought it into photoshop to draw on top of. Utilizing the rhythms that were already present in the painted in the idea of a cloud raining onto a mountainous landscape and cascading down creating waterfalls along the way. Each mark on this image was considered as I placed myself in the shoes of the water and made the journey down through the land and rocks. In some places it pools and in others it falls becoming mist upon meeting the next ledge.

The resulting photoshop drawing (white marks) was then sent to my Epilogue Laser engraver and engraved back into the original piece of painted watercolor paper. This print is a direct scan of that engraved image. The only part that I replaced was the quote in the top right corner. Do to it's subtle nature it was illegible in the scanned image so it was replaced digitally utilizing photoshop once again.

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