Boundless Potential

  • Acrylic and Marker on Printed Paper
  • 7 x 5 in
  • $750.00
  • Bragino

In the soft pastel palette of the colored Earth you sense a yearning for adventure, a call from the wind and you know this is your time. Encouraged by the notion that anything is possible you embrace the day with Boundless Potential.

In my eyes potential is limitless, boundless and only restricted by our imaginations. All things are formed from the imagination, all things were once only thought. So why can't we imagine on a grander scale than we do already? I imagine that even mountains and large rock formations, some of the heaviest objects on Earth can rise up and leave this Earthly realm. They too have boundless potential just like we do. In all it's glory this rock shines, emits the color of it's individuality and transcends all logical reason to become something more than anyone ever imagined it could become.

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