Thinking about Instagram, but not too sure how it can benefit your art business? View it as just another marketing burden? Well, unlike other social media platforms Instagram seems to be tailor made just for you. From its visual nature and ease of use–not to mention all those collector users–this app could easily become your new favorite way to share your art and creative spirit. And, you never know what sales and opportunities your account might lead to. Here are seven reasons why you need to hop on your phone and start enjoying the rewards of Instagram.

1. It’s a Whole New World

Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users and over 75 million daily active users according to the DMR. That’s a massive number of new eyeballs to potentially view your art–eyeballs that are attached to pocket books, that is. Instagram even has a Search & Explore section where art collectors can scope out your art by searching for hashtags. Also, the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2014 revealed that “75% of the online art buyers surveyed said that the primary advantage of buying online was the ability to find art and collectibles that they otherwise would never find in a physical space.”

2. It’s Perfectly in Line with Your Talents

As you know, Instagram is a primarily visual platform which means it could be absolutely perfect for you. It allows your art and imagery to show through in their purest forms. And, words aren’t even necessary, so there is nothing to take away from your work. Instagram is built to let you craft a socially-engaging gallery of your art so people can follow along. You can tell your story, share your inspirations, disclose snippets of your creative process, and more, without words.

Sometimes all you need is the title, dimensions, and medium (and plenty of hashtags so collectors can find your art) à la Victoria Veedell (@victoria_veedell).

3. It’s the “It” New Place to Discover Art

More collectors than ever are turning to Instagram to find new art. According to an April 2015 survey, 87% of surveyed art collectors look at Instagram more than twice a day and 55% check it five or more times. What’s more, 51.5% of these same collectors have bought artwork from artists they originally found via the app. Each has purchased an average of five pieces by artists they discovered on Instagram! And, they’re not just looking for established artists either. Notable art collector Anita Zabludowicz revealed to artnet News she has used Instagram to seek out art from emerging artists.

4. It’s Quick and Easy to Use

This social media platform requires no computer and you can post as little as once a day. All you need is a smart phone with a decent camera and some inspiration. Just snap a photo of your work on your phone, perfect it using Instagram’s built-in editing tools, think up a caption only if you want, and post. You don’t even need any outside apps, but there are plenty to add to the experience like VSCO Cam and Snapseed (available for iPhone and Android). Even better, you can do this anywhere you have cellphone service whether it’s on a walk on the beach or a stroll through the woods.

Julia Badow (@needlewitch) often snaps photos of works in progress and shares them with her Instagram followers.

5. It’s a Way to Show People a Different Side

While Twitter posts read more like sound bites and Facebook is an amalgamation of more than just your art, your Instagram is 100% you. It can be an intimate photo diary of your creative life. You can share studio shots, 15 second videos of you at work, works in progress, textures and scenery you find inspirational, close ups of your art, your art hanging in a collector’s home, or your work in a gallery. The world is your oyster when it comes to sharing your creative spirit with the masses. You might also want to test out new apps as well to create interesting, out-of-the box content. You can use Hyperlase on iPhones to speed up your videos à la Charlie Chaplin movies and use the Motion Portrait app to bring your art to life like Linda Tracey Brandon did with her work.

Click on Linda Tracey Brandon's Instagram photo to see her portrait come to life.

6. It’s a Land of New Opportunity

In addition to sales, “artists are getting commissions, invitations to participate in shows or exhibitions, offers to use their art for commercial purposes, and more” reveals art industry expert Alan Bamberger. You never know where a well-crafted, active Instagram account can lead to. So, always be ready to respond to direct messages about your art, have packing materials and a payment system at the ready, and never stop creating.

You can advertise your gallery exhibitions like Felicity O'Connor (@felicityoconnorartist), so art buyers can view your work in person.

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