Don't let COVID-19 stop you from running a successful art business.

Artists all over the world are feeling the impact of social isolation measures as we try to stop the spread of this global pandemic. Galleries, shows, fairs, residencies around the world are shutting down in response to coronavirus, impacting exposure & sales for artists. At this time it is even more critical to have a strong online presence and to continue to promote and preserve your artistic legacy. 

Here at Artwork Archive, we have been providing artists around the world with online tools to organize, manage and showcase their artworks and careers. We have a robust toolkit to help you quickly transition your art business online and execute successful online strategies. 

In this video tutorial, we'll cover easy-to-use marketing tools like:

  • Public Profile 
  • Discovery platform
  • Website embeds
  • Private Rooms
  • Reports like portfolio pages, inventory sheets & invoices

Now is the time to get your inventory in order! While the world slows down, take the opportunity of this down-time to catalog and organize your art business. We'll show you how to:

  • Record artwork details
  • Log income and expenses
  • Track (and stay in touch with) contacts
  • Record exhibitions
  • Upload documents
  • Schedule reminders
  • And gain insights into your business

Check out these tools with a free 30-day trial.