Guide to laying a foundation and building a successful art career.

From knowing if you are ready for a full-time art career, to choosing the right name, making a business plan and nailing down the legal stuff, this guide will help you lay a strong foundation for a successful art business. Here's what you will find in the guide.

Growing your business

Learn how to identify and connect with your target customer for your artwork. Find strategies to sell more artwork online and build authentic relationships. Get the basics for what to include in contracts. 

Developing small business workflows 

Running an art business is easier when you have workflows in place so that you can concentrate on your artwork. We share our favorite workflows for the day-to-day details of managing your studio, sharing your work and documenting your artwork.

Plus, lessons you will learn

Get insights into what you will learn your first year so you don't have to learn these lessons the hard way. We talked with professional artists to get their advice on what they learned when they first started and what they wish they would have known. 

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