A Monthly Calendar For Your Art Business Tasks (Free Download)

Artwork Archive | June 1, 2017 (Updated September 20, 2022)

As an artist, do you ever feel left in the dark or struggle to keep up when it comes to actually running a business?

You’re stuck in the cycle of doing “businessy” chores here and there, always playing catch up with clients, and never feeling fully secure that your art career will take off. You know you need to get your art business organized. But, the feeling of not knowing what you are doing—or even where to start—is holding you back.

If this sounds like you, know this: you don’t have to settle for a stressful career just because you didn’t go to business school!

You can have a successful art business. All you need is a little direction.

That’s why we’ve created a cheat sheet for artists, if you will, so you have a basic outline of the business tasks you need to be focusing on (and how often) in order to have a smooth-sailing art career. Take a look:

Never hesitate on your to-do’s again! Download the Art Business Tasks Calendar & Cheat Sheet here.

It can be hard to know how to manage an art business—but that’s the beauty of using Artwork Archive! Our art inventory management software takes the pain and guesswork out of running an art business by helping you easily keep track of your art, sales, locations, shows, contacts, and more.

And, that’s not all! Artwork Archive will help you generate professional-looking reports like portfolio pages, invoices, wall labels, and beyond, while our Insights feature guides you to a stellar sales strategy. You can even get a schedule full of reminders about your upcoming shows and deadlines.

These features will help your business run smoothly, so you can focus on what you love—creating art.

See how easy it is to manage your art business with Artwork Archive. Sign up for your free 14-day trial today.

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