Oh, art school.

With one raise of the hand, your teacher would swoop in to help you decide on the next step of your composition or figure out what detail you were missing. Those were the days.

Of course, getting critiques on your art is still very important. There is always room to grow and develop as you make your piece the best it can be. But, where do you find this feedback when you are no longer in school, or didn’t choose that route? 

Whether you seek art critiques in a hurry or in depth, online or in person, we rounded up four fantastic ways to get important feedback about your art.

1. Workshops and Classes

Just because you are out of school doesn’t mean you can’t get feedback from teachers and fellow students. Try your hand at a workshop or art class where artists of all levels can participate. This provides a great space to not only hone your artistic skills, but be in the direct presence of someone who can offer a critical eye to your piece.

Where can you find such classes? They are everywhere! One way to find them is by searching on Art Cantina where they pair you with real-life instructors, hands-on workshops, art schools, and art centers in your hometown or travel destination.

2. Online Artist Groups

No time in your busy day for attending workshops? Get feedback in a flash by posting your art in critique groups online. Facebook has a multitude of public and private groups to join where you can mingle with fellow artists who are willing and able to critique your latest piece.

Have you heard of WetCanvas? It is a great online forum where you can post pictures of your progress and receive constructive evaluations from other knowledgeable artists.

3. Artist Associations

What better way to collect those important critiques than to be surrounded by knowledgeable artists all dedicated to your craft.

Debra Joy Groesser, President and CEO of the American Impressionist Society, explains, “Artist associations are a wonderful way to get feedback so you can continue to grow. Some organizations offer critique services. The first time I attended an Oil Painters of America (OPA) national exhibition, I signed up for a critique from a signature member and it was so helpful.”

So, when choosing the right artist association for you, keep in mind which organizations offer feedback on your artwork. This perk can really help boost your art career! Read more about the benefits of joining an artist association here.


4. Other Artists

Besides joining an artist association, reach out to your artist friends and other artists you admire asking for their honest opinion.

The key is remembering that they are busy running their own art careers, so express your gratitude and understanding of their schedule. It’s always best to say that you hope to hear from them when they have the time.

Go seek those critiques!

Constructive feedback can help take your art to the next level. But when an art school teacher isn’t one hand-raise away, it’s hard to find the critiques you need to grow. By seeking out other artists, online or in associations and workshops, you will find the feedback that can help turn your art career up a notch.

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