Staying on top of your art inventory can be challenging.

That’s why we created a tool that allows artists to upload their works directly into your Organization Artwork Archive account. Get up-to-date information and images without any legwork on your end—saving hours of inventory management and letting you focus on other tasks. 

Enter information securely.

The artist can only submit artworks with your permission. You’ll send them a password protected page that enables them to share images and artwork information like title, subject, creation date, price, etc. The submission form is extremely user-friendly and easy to complete. Once they submit works, they’ll be immediately accessible in your account! 

And yes, they can update contact information too! You don’t have to chase down your artists asking for new addresses, phone numbers, etc. They’ll supply that information for you, and it will automatically be synced to their contact record. 

Not working with the artist anymore? You can disable access at any time. 

Coordinate from anywhere.

Don’t let account management rest on one person’s shoulders. Managing an exhibit? Have the artists enter their own information. Running an art consultancy? Let the artists you work with submit work and verify their contact information. 

No more lengthy back-and-forths, attachments and shared folders. 

Looking for more help getting artist submissions set up? Check out this tutorial. 

*Artist Upload Forms is available on all Organization plans. Create an Artwork Archive account to unlock this feature. 

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