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Artwork Archive | July 29, 2019

Pricing can be one of the hardest things for artists to figure out.

And, figuring out how to make a profit can be even harder.  

The cornerstone of making more sales and having a profitable business is staying consistent in your pricing. But, how do you know where to set your price point to begin with?

Especially in this field, it can be easy to let your emotions dictate your pricing. This guide helps you to take an objective and critical look at your current pricing structure and giving you some guidelines on how to tweak or improve that structure for your benefit.

What you will find in the guide?

In this guide, you will get an overview of different pricing strategies, how to price consistently, and building a pricing structure for your artwork. 

Learning to Price for Profit

Finding prices and the right formula to reflect the value of your artwork. Read over what pricing formulas other artists use, how they stay consistent with their pricing and how to apply that to your own art practice. 

Creating Different Price Points for Your Artwork

Tiered prices can open the door to new and tentative buyers. Once they own a piece of your art, they are more likely to continue buying—and become collectors. In this guide, you will learn why and how a range of price points can help you reel in buyers and increase your exposure.

Cultivating a Sales Mindset

A successful art business mindset understands your artwork and collectors are the core of your business, not just sales. This guide illustrates some simple ways to build an art selling mindset that will attract buyers and keep you happy and productive.

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