25 Online Resources Every Artist Should Know About

Artwork Archive | June 7, 2015

Are you using the online resources at your fingertips to the fullest?

Where do you go to sell art online? What are your go-to business of art blogs? How do you improve your marketing game? 

With thousands of resources on the web nowadays for artists, the problem is sifting through them all and finding the best, most impactful ones for your art career.

Well fret no more! We did the research and found the best websites for artists with the tools and tips you need to stay organized, be efficient, sell more work, and stay grounded when you get stressed.

Broken down by category, take a look at these 25 resources every artist should know about:

Business of Art

1. Art Biz Success

If you’re looking for phenomenal art marketing advice or brilliant business of art insights, check out Alyson Stanfield’s site for simple, valuable tips on how to improve your art career. Based in Golden, Colorado, Alyson boasts an impressive resume with more than 20 years experience working with artists. Art Biz Success (formerly Art Biz Coach) aims to help you build a profitable art business by gaining recognition, staying organized, and selling more art.

2. Fine Art Tips

Named a #TwitterPowerhouse by the Huffington Post, Lori McNee shares fantastic social media advice, fine art tips, and business of art strategies that took her a lifetime to learn. As a working artist, Lori also shares posts by respected professionals in the blogging and art industries.

3. Artsy Shark

Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark is a business of art superstar. Her site is filled with valuable advice to help you build your art business, including how to create a marketable portfolio to launching a sustainable career. As the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute and an art world veteran, she writes from a business perspective on art marketing, licensing, galleries, publishing your artwork, and more.

4. Skinny Artist

This collaborative blog is focused on helping every artist succeed. It is a community of artists - from amateurs to professionals - that share their collective wisdom, art world experiences, and business and marketing strategies to help artists sell their work. Anyone who is dedicated to the idea of making a living from their art is welcome to join and participate in the community.

5. The Abundant Artist

Cory Huff is committed to dispelling the starving artist myth. He’s taught artists how to market and sell their work since 2009. From online classes to his blog, Cory offers artists savvy advice on social media marketing, selling art online, finding the right artist community, and how to succeed in the business of art.

Health & Wellness 

6. Zen Habits

If you’re not taking care of yourself, you may not be your best self. And if you’re not your best self, how can you make your best art? This blog is all about finding peace - zen if you will - so you can remove any blockers to creativity and productivity.

7. Mind Body Green

This site is built upon the idea that living is about more than just working out. You also need to take care of your mental health (Mind) and eat well (Green). Of course, Body is part of the equation, too. This beautifully curated blog has tips for living your best life in all three areas.

8. Tiny Buddha

Sometimes you don’t have time to read a long article. For those times, check out Tiny Buddha. Full of bite-sized ideas for a better life and powerful quotes, this site is a great place to find 10 minutes of peace.

9. TED Blog

Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) is a nonprofit devoted to the spread of good ideas. It’s that simple. Not into reading, that’s fine. TED offers thousands of videos on a range of topics like mastering stress or power posing for confidence. If you’re looking for motivation, thought-provoking ideas, or a new perspective, this is the place to go.

10. Sonima

What’s holding you back? This beautiful site is dedicated to removing your blockers, whether that’s a negative attitude or stress. Through yoga, guided meditations and advice on everything from weight loss to mindful living, this is a great go-to for information on bettering yourself and your life.

Marketing & Business Tools

11. Buffer

Corporations have a full-time staffer dedicated to social media. You have Buffer. Schedule out your posts, tweets, and pins for the week in one session using this handy tool. The basic version is free!

12. Squarespace

Building a website isn’t rocket science. At least, not with Squarespace. Build a beautiful e-commerce site with their tools - you don’t need any background knowledge to have a professional site!

13. Blurb

Blurb is your go-to site for designing, creating, publishing, marketing, and selling print books and e-books. You can even easily sell these professional-quality books on Amazon through the site. Genius!

14. Artwork Archive

Step one of building a successful art business? Get organized! Artwork Archive, an award-winning art inventory management software, was created so you can easily track your inventory, locations, income, shows, and contacts, generate professional reports, share your artwork, and make more informed decisions about your art business. Plus, take a look at their incredible art blog, filled with tips on growing your art career, and free calls-for-entry page featuring opportunities worldwide!

15. Portfolio Box

In the art world, a good CV is important, but a great portfolio is king. Build a beautiful, unique portfolio using Portfolio Box and then easily share it with the world using their tools.


16. Frame Destination

Whether you’re a budding artist, homemaker, or retired hobbyist hungry to learn a new skill and have some fun, Frame Destination puts heaps of info at your fingertips. Their blog gives you insights and inspiration on art, photography, and framing — plus ways to spot trends and build a business.

Designers are artists, too! This is the go-to source for design news, ideas, and inspiration. Use it and see how you can break the design rules to suit your creative pursuits.

18. 1X

Love top notch photography? This site is for you! 1X, is one of the largest curated photo sites in the world. Photos in the gallery are hand-picked by a team of 10 professional curators. Enjoy!

19. This is Colossal

Colossal is a Webby-nominated blog that provides in depth coverage and information on all things art, including artist profiles and the intersection of art and science. Visit the site to get inspired, learning something new, or discover a new way of doing things.

20. Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting is an online magazine dedicated to reporting on the best and latest in technology, art, and design. Visit the site to get a pulse on all things cool and learn about trends happening across the creative world.

Sell Art Online

21. Society6

On Society6 you can join, create your own username and URL, and post your art. They’ll do the dirty work, making your art into products ranging from gallery prints, iPhone cases, and stationery cards. Society6 uses only the highest-quality materials, you keep the rights, and they sell the products for you!

22. Artfinder

Artfinder is a premier online art marketplace, where art seekers can sort artwork by medium, price and style. Artists can gain a large international audience of art buyers, get an online store, and keep up to 70% of any sale made - with all payments managed online by Artfinder.

23. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is a well-known marketplace for quality art. As an artist, you’ll be able to keep 70% of the final sale price. They handle the logistics, so you can focus on creating, and less on shipping and handling.

24. Artsy.net

Artsy strives to make the art world accessible to everyone through auctions, partnerships with galleries, sales, and a beautifully curated blog. As an artist you can meet collectors, receive art world news, build auctions, and get inside the head of a collector. Learn what collectors are looking for, so you can build relationships with art lovers and makes sales.

25. Artzine

Artzine is a high design, selective, online art gallery that has been carefully handcrafted to provide artists around the globe with the best environment in which to promote and sell their art.

Their platform also includes an online art magazine, The Zine, that features fresh content related to art & culture, as well as artist promotions and inspiring stories told by creators in the first person.

Want more resources for artists? Check out 5 Opportunity Sites Every Artist Should Know About.

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