We’ve been especially busy at Artwork Archive this past year, filling our blog with business of art advice for our amazing artists. We’ve covered everything from gallery representation and social media strategies to art pricing tips and artist opportunities. We’ve had the honor of working with art business experts and influencers including Alyson Stanfield of Art Biz Coach, Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark, Cory Huff of the Abundant Artist, and Lori McNee of Fine Art Tips. There were so many articles to choose from, but we’ve decided on these top 15 to give you some of the very best advice from 2015.


1. Alyson Stanfield Shares Her 10 Best Art Marketing Tips

With over 20 years in the art world, Alyson Stanfield (the Art Biz Coach) is a bonafide business of art expert. She has advice on everything from leveraging your contact lists to pinning down a marketing schedule. Here are her top 10 marketing tips for growing your art business.

2. Why Every Artist Should Be on Instagram

Instagram is chock full of art collectors looking for new artwork. What’s more, this social media platform seems tailor-made for artists. Find out why you and your work should be on Instagram.

3. Lori McNee Shares Her Top 6 Social Media Tips for Artists

Fine artist and social media superstar, Lori McNee shares her top 6 social media tips for artists. Learn everything from building your brand to using video to enhance your online presence.

4. Five Reasons Why Artists Fail with Social Media (And How to Succeed)

Think you don’t have time for social media? Sharing your work and not seeing returns? Here are some common reasons why artists struggle with social media and how to overcome them.


5. Do's and Don’ts of Pricing Your Artwork

Pricing your artwork is no walk in the park. If you price it too low, you’re not getting paid your due. If you price it too high, your work might stay in the studio. Use our pricing do’s and don’ts to find the right balance for your art.

6. Cory Huff Shares How to Sell Art Without a Gallery

Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist believes that the starving artist trope is a myth. He dedicates his time to helping artists create profitable careers. We asked Cory how artists can successfully sell their work without a gallery.

7. How to Sell Your Art to Interior Designers

Looking to increase your exposure and supplement your income? Sell to interior designers. These creatives are constantly on the hunt for new art. Get started with our six step guide.

8. How to Make a Regular & Predictable Income as an Artist

Think you’ll never be able to make a steady income as an artist? Creative entrepreneur and savvy art biz consultant Yamile Yemoonyah shares how you can.


9. What Emerging Artists Can Learn from a Veteran Gallery Owner

With 14 years in the art industry, Plus Gallery owner Ivar Zeile is the right person to ask when it comes to art gallery questions. He has a wealth of wisdom for emerging artists and shares 9 key tips for approaching gallery representation.

10. Six Do’s and Don’ts for Gallery Representation

Getting into a gallery can seem like a bumpy road with no end in sight. Navigate the terrain towards gaining representation with these 6 do’s and don’ts. You’ll find the right approach in no time.

11. How to Approach Art Galleries and Gain Representation

Getting into a gallery is much more than having a portfolio at the ready, and it can be tough to begin the process without an experienced guide. Crista Cloutier, founder of The Working Artist, is just the guide you’re looking for.

12. Carolyn Edlund Shares How to Apply to a Juried Show and Get Accepted

Carolyn Edlund is a tried-and-true business of art expert and juries online submissions for Artsy Shark featured artists. She shares her top 10 tips on how to get accepted to juried shows, so you can achieve your art competition goals.


13.  25 Online Resources Every Artist Should Know About

From useful inventory software and some of the best art business blogs out there to easy marketing tools and wellness websites, make our artist resource list your one-stop shop and take your art career to the next level.

14. Five Opportunity Sites Every Artist Should Know About

Searching for a free and simple way to find calls for artists? It can be hard to comb through websites online. We’ve put together five free and terrific websites to save you time and help you discover your next big artist opportunity!

15. Seven Brilliant Business of Art Books You Need to Read

Brilliant business of art advice isn’t reserved for the internet alone. If your eyes are feeling that screen fatigue, pick up one of these seven art career books. You’ll learn wonderful tips and enhance your career while you sit on the sofa.

Thank You and Best Wishes for 2016!

Thank you so much for all your support in 2015. All your comments and shares mean so much to us. If you have blog post suggestions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@artworkarchive.com.