Helen Fraser

Squaring the Circle; Fire Transforms

  • Thread, New and Vintage Cotton Fabric, Cotton Batting, Button, Wood Panel, Fabric Glue
  • 33 x 33 cm
  • AU$500.00
  • Helen Fraser

Collection: Textiles (2015 - ongoing) x

This work is created using applique and surface stitchery and framed in a Tasmanian Oak box frame by Fogelbergs Conservation Framers. I was inspired to zoom into the landscape and play with the ideas of the circle in the square. Carl Jung believed that the circle in the square represented transformation and enlightenment. This particular work was created while I was visiting Leeton NSW in January at the height of the bushfire crisis. I was thinking about the power of fire and how it's destruction kills off life and inevitably transforms whatever it touches. Fire is the symbol of transformation and it's power is awesome. If we dream of fire, then it often symbolises change and an inner shift. What will shift as a result of these megabushfires I wonder?

Due to the deep box framing of this work, it looks great either on a wall or sitting on a table.

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