Helen Fraser


  • Linen, Thread, Vintage Fabrics, Found Wire, Shisha Mirrors.
  • 19 x 22 x 0.5 cm
  • AU$400.00
  • Helen Fraser

I found this wire a few years ago when I was exploring the idea of woven wire. Through my research into Frontier Wars, I got to thinking about how wire fences could represent colonisation in some way. Then, for this show an idea popped into my head that I could create a work hanging from the wire, especially when there in an agricultural theme. This work came together quickly using woven line fabric and found organza from my fabric stash. A doiley covered with wax adorns the front along with a square Shisha Mirror again referencing the Square and the Circle as symbols of Transformation. This work was named in honour of those people displaced from their farms or live through drought and other factors. They took Highway 66 to California in the hope of finding work and a new life for their families.

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