Imagine if you could increase the likelihood of selling your art right from the point you started making it. Wouldn’t you jump on the chance? Well, it can actually happen—by creating art with a specific audience in mind.

Does that mean you have to change who you are as an artist or fit your work into a certain mold for the sake of a sale? Not at all!

No matter what you choose to create, you simply need to be aware of what type of collectors will buy it. It makes the art business process easier from start to finish, and we will show you why. Read on to learn the three reasons why creating art for a specific audience actually benefits your art business:

1. A More Productive Mindset to Create

When you’re in the studio, it’s much less overwhelming to create with a certain audience in mind. You’ll find that by doing this, you aren’t agonizing over how you are going to sell your art later on.

With no target audience to consider, you fall prey to imagining the entire art world as potential customers. Just thinking about trying to navigate an audience of that variety and magnitude gives us chills. And, honestly, doing so would be a waste of time.

Not everyone is drawn to impressionist paintings just as not everyone is drawn to abstract sculpture. Based on what you make, there’s always going to be a market that is looking to buy your type of artwork. Once you realize this, the easier it will be to visualize how to reach them, instead of fretting about a gigantic audience that you have no idea how to tap into.

2. A More Effective Marketing Strategy

What would you rather do: spend tons of time and effort trying to market your art to people who might not be interested in the first place, or spend your time and effort carrying out a strategy bound to reach the people who will be the most interested in your work?

Why make selling your artwork a guessing game? Knowing the audience you are creating for will help you understand how to reach them, and in turn get you more sales.

To reach your sliver of buyers, try out this thought exercise to learn how your target customer thinks. Think about who is most likely to buy your work. Where do they shop? Which social media channels are they using? What do they read or watch? What issues do they care about? Are they members of any organizations?

After that, your marketing strategy has a clear cut path. Tap into these avenues to get your art in front of buyers who will be interested.

3. A More Established Fan Base

Another benefit to creating for a specific audience? The relationships you can develop along the way.

Using a tailored marketing strategy to continually reach buyers and successfully make sales will help you develop repeat business.

Art customers will come back for more of what they like and share your work with others who might be interested. And, the more you sell, the more you will become the go-to source for your aesthetic.

What’s the bottom line?

Targeting the most promising customers is not a new strategy to the marketing world. You get to spend your valuable time and energy in the most productive way possible, giving you more time to spend in the studio. Creating art with a specific audience in mind will help you plan how to sell your piece from the very start and invigorate art sales long after.

Learn how to find your target art customer here.

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