Exceptional products come from exceptional users.

Over the past several years, we have turned to our users for their insight into what they want in an art inventory management system.

This year especially, we’ve rolled out our biggest updates yet to make Artwork Archive as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

So, what was new in 2017? From improvements to your favorite features to notable new editions, check out the updates we made based on your top requests.

This year we helped you…


Build Lasting Client Relationships

With reminders that tie directly to a contact or location, you never forget to follow up with a client or to get that proposal sent to a gallery on time.

Client management for artists


Stay on Top of Important Dates With Calendar Integration

Push your most important reminders to iCal, GCal and Outlook, so you can stay on top of your most important events—no matter what calendar app you call home base.


calendar and software for artists


Enter and Find Information with Ease

We enhanced our navigation system so you can edit, search for, and access your works faster and easier—and spend way less time clicking. Plus, when selecting pieces for reports and locations you now have the full range of filters available to you.


organization for artists


Better Showcase and Share your Work

You now have greater control over the way your work is displayed on your public profile with sorting options and a customizable profile URL to share. We’ve also enhanced your sharing options, such as our new slideshow feature perfect for presenting work to a gallery or client in a simple, elegant way.


showcase artwork


Track Sub-Locations for Even More Detail 

Our location feature now allows collectors and organizations create sublocations so you can more accurately track the specifics on where your works are located. But, it doesn’t stop there! We’ve also added Location reporting so you can now generate location-based reports at the click of a button.



Control Who Can View or Edit Your Account

Artists with the Master Account can now create additional users that have a view-only capability. This is a great feature for board members and other key stakeholders that need access without the ability to edit.



Get Set Up in Less Time

No one wants to waste time getting set up. That’s why we made it easier than ever to get all of your information into Artwork Archive with a new bulk upload feature. With expanded data entry options and the ability to enter up to 20 images at a time, getting organized doesn’t have to be an undertaking.



Create Even Better Reports

We’ve improved the existing reports (including updated gallery labels!), added a few new ones, and made them easier than ever to create. With over 20,000 reports created in 2017, you all are taking advantage of the new features!



Track Donations When You’re Feeling Generous (for organizations and collectors)

Collectors and organizations can now easily track donations and record all the relevant information concerning the gift. So you never have to second guess your giving.


Donation tracking for art collectors


Work Easier with Limited Edition Runs

As more and more artists turn to limited edition prints (and for our photographers out there) we now offer a dedicated place in Artwork Archive to get an overview and manage key aspects of your print inventory.

Some of the highlights: bulk assigning work to a location, easily export reports tailored to print inventory, and gain insights into which galleries, geographical locations, and artworks are performing well.


Edition tracking and print tracking for artists


2017 was quite the year!

We could not provide such an innovative art inventory management system without the continued support and direct feedback from our users.

Our goal is to help you keep track of more details than ever, in less time, so you can continue to make a living doing what you love.

Want to gain access to all of these great new features and more? Try out the 30-day free trial of Artwork Archive today.