Unhappy with your outdated, expensive, clunky art inventory management system? But, afraid of starting over again?

You may feel like you are stuck with your current art database. But, you’re not.

With the right platform, data migration is a breeze.

Artwork Archive, an online art inventory management system, makes it extremely easy for you to change systems. Our team of collection professionals streamlines the migration process. We’ll take your data and securely import it into your Artwork Archive account. Our complimentary data import saves you significant time and gets you up to speed with your new account without much effort.

Do you have concerns about migrating data?

When it comes to moving hundreds to thousands of works of art, and countless details, we understand that you may have concerns about preserving the integrity of your data. For almost a decade Artwork Archive has worked with artists, collectors, galleries and collecting institutions around the world. We’ve heard your concerns:

  • Will our data transfer accurately?

  • Will we lose the data that we've worked so hard to collect?

  • Will the data migration completely disrupt our operations?

  • Can we get our data out of your system?

We know how important it is for your data to be transferred quickly and accurately. So, our engineering team has spent considerable time on perfecting the process. You can rest assured that your new account will be populated smoothly and accurately.

And, it's just as easy to get your data out of your Artwork Archive account. We believe your data is your data. You can export your information into a spreadsheet at any time. 

You’ll get a seamless data migration.

You don't have to start from scratch when switching platforms. You can use your existing information to populate your new Artwork Archive account. 

We’ll make sure all of your data, including artwork images, gets migrated as quickly as possible so that you experience little to no disruption in your day-to-day operations.

Artwork Archive just doesn’t import data related to artworks. You can also import contacts, locations and sales information. 

You can migrate your data from another system.

Our engineering team developed custom-built import templates that make it super simple to bring over your data.

If you’re moving from another system (Filemaker Pro, Collector Systems, ArtLogic, etc.) all you have to do is export your data from that platform. Then you can get the relevant information into our spreadsheet template and we'll import that data into your Artwork Archive account.

Once we’ve completed the migration, we’re happy to walk you and your team members through your completed Artwork Archive account.

Cataloging with spreadsheets? Even easier!

If you’re currently using Excel or other types of spreadsheets to keep track of your art inventory, sales data, locations, contacts, etc, you’re in luck! Artwork Archive makes it easy to import your data.

Contact us at info@artworkarchive.com and we’ll send you the spreadsheet template we use to populate accounts. All you have to do is copy and paste your columns.

How do you import my images?

In order for us to “grab” your images and upload them into your account, they have to be hosted online somewhere. We cannot magically transfer them from your hard drive, as cool as that would be. 

To get your images into your Artwork Archive account, they have to be on an online platform like Google Drive, Dropbox, or your website. In the import spreadsheet we have a column for the image URL. Just copy and paste the link there.

Sounds easy! How do I start?

The Artwork Archive team is here to help! Imports are accessible for all Organization plans, Collector Premier plans, and Artist Master plans. You can learn more about our plans on our Pricing page.

Sign up for an Artwork Archive account to tap into this organizational bliss!