Looking for a hilarious art podcast featuring your new favorite artists?

Look no further than our current favorite podcast to keep us laughing in the studio, Waiting to Dry. Hosted by Bay Area artists, Joshua Lawyer and Sergio Lopez, Waiting to Dry is a comedic podcast that isn’t afraid to tell a bad dad joke. Since its inception in January of 2018, Waiting to Dry is like having your two best buddies keeping you company with zingers and thought-provoking conversations. With over 90 episodes to choose from so far, you will laugh, you will cry, you will want more,  you will be left wondering … what do you do with David Choe money?


Why this podcast?

You've probably come to terms that being an artist means spending a lot of hours alone with your own thoughts ... yikes! 

Of course, you've already tried playing music (and have already gotten sick of favorite playlists). Perhaps, like us, you turn to reruns of The Office just to break through the silence. But, what all artists that work long hours in solitude are craving really craving is a meaningful and witty conversation with like-minded folks.

Waiting to Dry is hosted by two artists who are experiencing similar situations to you and are able to bring some humor to the harder parts of being an artist. They also bring on new guests each week to regale us with stories of their less-than-glorious moments of life as an artist, letting us know, we are in this together.

Take, for example, guests like Nate Van Dyke talking about the tribulations of being a self-employed artist with no health insurance and running out of a hospital with his bare derriere on his 6’ 9” frame to avoid hospital fees (we do not recommend this method). There are also stories that take us behind the scenes of those idealistic Instagram posts, like the episode about the unexpected aftermath of going viral from guest Blake Neubert.

The hosts are funny and sincere. Each artist brings something new and interesting to the conversation. There are some favorite episodes where Joshua and Sergio where they let it all hang out. On the Waiting to Dry podcast, there is something for everyone.


Some Favorite Episodes to Get You Started

Episode 5: Nate Van Dyke | what you will hear in the episode

Nate Van Dyke: “You take a young Kobe Bryant who looks up to Michael Jordan, then in a few years, he is playing against Michael Jordan. [It's an analogy that] all of a sudden the artist you looked up to, you befriend. All of a sudden, you are hanging out and drinking, and drawing together.

The community and friendships you make are just so cool. Before you realize it, you can say ‘ Oh my God I’ve known that guy for 15 years.'

I love the fact that this podcast is a backstage pass into seeing how artists live.”

Listen here:



Episode #57 Blake Neubert  | what you will hear in the episode

Blake Neubert: "Ninety percent of the paint materials I have bought in the last several years have been bought at Walmart. I'll be buying cereal and I think, ‘I should get some canvases, brushes, paints (laughs).' 

I just let the brushes sit in water until they explode. I just don’t care about the supplies—it's beautiful. In my workshop earlier today. I was talking about when I get really nice stuff, I don’t want to use it. I have this brush that costs $150 bucks and I would never get paid on that thing! Why would I do that? It’s a beautiful brush ... (laughs)."

Listen here:



Episode #38 Zach Oldenkamp  | what you will hear in the episode

Zach Oldenkamp: "Where I grew up, there are big fields and you can really get a sense of history. When you are looking at an old barn, everything is very genuine and quiet. I hope that is something that comes through with my drawings.

I was talking to some friends and one of the questions that came up was, ‘what do you think your art sounds like?’ I was like, 'hopefully, nothing or crickets during midnight (laughing)'. I don’t think it's very loud. In general, I gravitate towards work that is not very loud, and I think graphite lends itself to that."

Listen here:


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