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You can read tons of theoretical marketing articles and often none of them make sense for your art career. Sometimes it’s nice to hear tips from artists who’ve been in the trenches, tested the theories, and come out successful on the other side.

Maybe you’re wondering how to find more buyers for your artwork or deciding if a blog is worth your while. Or, you’re simply in the market for some fresh art marketing ideas.

These Artwork Archive artistsincluding Lori McNee and Jeanne Bessetteare here to help, sharing some art marketing strategies they’ve used to grow their art making into a thriving career.

1. Randy L. Purcell: Expand Your Market

Randy L. Purcell understands the importance of building a network outside your own art scene. Randy is involved in different community groups and a business group and he shares “it’s helped me tremendously. Because of that, I know people who don’t normally collect art, but might buy my work because they know me and want to support me.”

Randy’s connections also helped him land an exhibition at the Nashville International Airport.

Beach House by Randy L. Purcell.


2. Nan Coffey: Get Social (Media)

During our interview with Nan Coffey, she told us she’s interacted with tons of “rad” people from around the world–people she’d never have met if it weren’t for social media.

Her words of advice to other artists: “If you haven’t already, set up your social media. Just start showing your artwork and getting out there.”

Nan recently reached out to her 12,000+ Facebook fans and asked them to tell her about themselves. She incorporated 174 of their answers into her latest project. Check it out below!


3. Jeanne Bessette: Express Your Art in Words

Anyone procrastinating on their artist statement? Jeanne Bessette champions writing about your artwork because “people want to know what motivates an artist to create. They love knowing more because we do something they feel is special and it is.”

She claims that being able to express your art in words can do nothing but help you in your art career.

You can read Jeanne’s fantastic artist statement here and hear some wise words from the artist’s sister on the subject.

Standing in Awe of a New Day by Jeanne Bessette.


4. Debra Joy Groesser: Share Your News(letter)

When we asked Debra Joy Groesser about her marketing strategies, she instantly brought up her monthly newsletter–and with good reason. She sells a work off every single one!

She also mails a paper newsletter a few times a year. She “was in real estate for ten years and morphed that contact list into [her] artist one.” Debra revealed, “It’s a very effective way to stay in contact with my collectors, friends, and fans.”

Be sure to read 9 Artist Newsletter Ideas to Delight and Excite Your Fans for some engaging topic suggestions.

Reverence by Debra Joy Groesser.


5. Lori McNee: Show Your Personality

If you were to ask any artist about the power of social media marketing, it should be painter and Huffington Post #TwitterPowerhouse Lori McNee. Lori recommends sharing your artistic world with your fans.

She states, “You need to focus on building your personal brand, then you can market it. Share your personality, a little bit about your life, and what you’re creating in your art studio.”

It’s definitely working for Lori, who has 101,000+ followers and counting on Twitter. Learn some of her social media tips to put into action in Lori McNee Shares Her Top Social Media Tips for Artists.

A Monet Moment–Redwing Blackbird by Lori McNee.


6. Lisa McShane: Bring People in With a Blog

Lisa McShane started her blog, 1000 Paintings, when she first began her full-time painting career. According to Lisa, “A blog is a great way to interact with other working artists as well as supporters.”

She also points out that “having an active blog associated with your artist website increases its rank in search results.”

Lisa writes about her latest artworks, her dreamy new studio on Samish Island, and artist resources.

Storm at Dusk by Lisa McShane.


7. Lawrence Lee: Stay Current

Lawrence Lee has been a working artist for over forty years and knows the importance of staying abreast of the latest marketing technology.

He shared this wisdom with us: “Give yourself every advantage you can as an artist since not many people can make a living creating art. Stay up-to-date on the best ways to use social media and video streaming.”

Lawrence does live streams of himself painting in his studio to give collectors and supporters a unique vantage point. He’s also created a members-only club for his art fans and gives them exclusive access to his LeeStudioLive channel.

Learn more art marketing tips from Lawrence in our article 5 Ways to Give Yourself Every Advantage as an Artist.

Nearly Lawrence Lee by Lawrence Lee.​

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