Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

After this past year, we could all use some magical thinking.

To that end, Artwork Archive’s curators have selected five Instagram accounts to lift your spirits this weekend and reinvigorate a connection to the sublime, the supernatural, and the most inspired of all spaces — the artist’s studio. If reality has been just a little too real lately, this week’s IG edit will return you to a place of serenity, beauty and awe. 

From aura photography to visual ASMR, the five IG accounts listed below each approach the metaphysical through a decidely artistic lens. They may constitute a variety of mediums, but together these accounts testify to the universality of inspiration, which can be derived from every color, shape and creative process available to humankind. 

IGNANT @ignant

Ignant is a media and production company based in Berlin that’s beloved for its uber-minimal and highly refined aesthetic. Throughout Ignant’s IG feed, luscious forms, serene landscapes and breathless portraits converge in soft and muted tones that feel almost weightless. A conceptual thread of nostalgic futurism connects each image to the next, creating a visual narrative imbued with romance, tranquility, and wanderlust — and which feels like a waking dream.


KangHee Kim @tinycactus

Step into the multiverse with digital collage artist KangHee Kim. On her IG account, KangHee creates whimsical mash-ups — often soaked in rainbows — that intertwine snapshots of reality with sublime interventions. Her surreal composites are reminders of the rich and magical worlds that can be conjured by imagination alone. KangHee manifests these parallel universes through her ongoing artistic practice, sharing playful collisions inspired by her dreamy interpretations of life on earth.



Andreas Wannerstedt @Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt is a 3D artist and art director based in Stockholm, whose IG account is literally ASMR for the eyes. Oddly satisfying and inherently delightful, Andreas’ renderings and motion graphics mix millennial pink, forest green, ultra-violet and metallic hues in visual eye candy that is utterly addictive. His digital animations regularly rack up more than 1 million views. Seductive textures shine and undulate across each moving composition, drawing the viewer into artificial worlds that elicit all the feels. 



Studio Views Daily @studioviews_daily

Studio Views Daily provides a glimpse behind the curtain of the artist’s natural habitat. The studio — that sacred space where art is conjured into being — has long been a societal fascination, interweaving so many assumptions about what it means to be an artist. An entire spectrum of work spaces are on display: environments of controlled chaos, historical snapshots of legendary studios and artists at work, emerging talents posed triumphantly beside their finished pieces, salon-style hangs and floor-to-ceiling installations, as well as stacks of materials, references, inspiration and personal accoutrements. Overall, the account is an eclectic mix of intimate portraits and powerful artworks  —  a daily jolt of inspiration with just a hint of studio envy. 



Radiant Human @radianthuman_

Crowned the “Annie Lebowitz of aura photography” by The New York Times, artist and radiant human Christina Lonsdale captures her subjects’ energy in a spectrum of colorful gradients. Her portraits are like mood rings that reveal a person’s emotional essence. Using an aura camera, which records body temperature through sensors and then maps those readings to corresponding colors with varying levels of intensity, Lonsdale’s work bridges the technological with the mystical. Her ongoing project Radian Human has toured art museums across North America and is now the subject of a beautiful hard-cover book. Each polaroid photo is a transcendent depiction of the subject’s inner being, and revels in the metaphysics of spirituality. 


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