Online Tools to Make Your Art Collection More Accessible

Reach beyond the physical boundaries of your institution with technology and engage new audiences.


In this webinar we’ll cover simple strategies for bringing your art collection online so that you can make your artworks easier for viewers to find, learn about, and engage with. Whether you’re a public art program seeking to connect with your community, a university needing to communicate with scholars, a museum wanting to grow its audience, or a gallery looking to increase sales, the Artwork Archive team has a variety of online tools to help you accomplish your goals.

To make your collection more accessible, you don’t need to be a tech-guru or have the budget of the MET. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to expand your reach beyond your gallery walls and increase your collection’s audience both near and far.

We'll cover:

Increasing your digital audience with the help of your artwork database
Sharing out more information with QR codes, videos and other archival documentation
Establishing seamless communication and collaboration with Private Rooms
Increasing participation with Interactive Maps
Boosting engagement and awareness with Online Exhibitions
Promoting online discoverability with a Public Profile
And, connecting it all to your website with a simple embed


“The Art of Collection Management with Artwork Archive” is a webinar series that highlights popular features and effective workflows within the Artwork Archive platform for collection managers, registrars, gallerists, and their teams. You’ll come away from these presentations with easy-to-execute strategies and tips to set your art organization up for success.

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