Donating Beyond the Museum: Strategies for Giving and Receiving Art

A guide for collectors, academic institutions, hospitals and other nonprofits.


An insightful webinar exploring the dynamics of art philanthropy beyond traditional museum donations.

Whether you're a passionate collector looking to make a meaningful impact or a nonprofit organization eager to receive art donations, this presentation is tailored to equip you with essential best practices to cultivate and steward charitable gifts.

Collectors and artist estates, you’ll learn how to effectively navigate the process of donating artworks to institutions within healthcare, education and public art.

• Gain valuable insights into the philanthropy needs of nonprofits so you can maximize your impact.
• Learn effective communication strategies to ensure your gifts are accepted.
• Discover the benefits of donating to an institution that is not accredited. Contribute to a teaching collection. Know that your artworks won’t be forgotten in storage.
• But also understand the potential hazards when works are displayed in such public venues.

For nonprofits, you’ll discover how to engage with collectors and cultivate relationships that lead to meaningful donations.
• Explore the practical aspects of receiving art donations: guidelines, storage, framing, and conservation.
• Get creative when soliciting donations without a development team.
• Be strategic about what donations are needed to fill collection gaps.
• Consider what to do with older donations that don’t make sense in your collection.

Led by industry experts, this webinar provides actionable insights, case studies, and practical tips to help both collectors and nonprofit institutions navigate the complex landscape of art philanthropy. Whether you're looking to enhance your collection's legacy or enrich your institution's offerings, this presentation promises to be a valuable resource so you can make a lasting impact through strategic art donations.