Art Collection Management Made Simple with Artwork Archive

Learn how to be a diligent and effective steward of your institution's art collection in this webinar covering CMS best practices.


It's our duty to be diligent and attentive stewards of our institution's art collection.

But, these days the tools to manage our cherished objects are outdated, laborious and overpriced. They don’t have to be.

This webinar will cover how online art collection management systems like Artwork Archive help academic institutions organize, manage and share their art collection without a team or budget the size of the Met.


Learn how you can:

• Track art inventory and locations

• Record purchases, donations, and appraisals

• Log insurance and maintenance records

• Manage loans and contacts

• Safeguard images and documents

• Create reports and communications

• Share and showcase your collection

• Upload and migrate your data

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