"Nature Wills Us On" Exhibition & Sale from Gwenda Joyce

Curated by Gwenda Joyce, Founder of Art Ambassador Artist Representation

In this difficult year, and throughout our lifetimes, one constant thing we have come to know is that we can return to nature again and again for contact, comfort and renewal. From nature we receive inspiration. Its diversity, although dwindling, is beyond belief. Its ability to show growth and renewal is boundless. As we have seen during the pandemic year when people have been forced to stay at home and stay indoors, nature has rebounded. Birds and their song have frequented our trees again. We rely on the constancy of nature’s renewing cycles of life and the change of seasons in order to stay connected to our rhythms of life. In so many ways, “Nature Wills Us On.”

This selection of original paintings and photography is aligned with the inspiration, magnificence and diversity of nature and wildlife. The underlying theme shows how “Nature Wills Us On,” and how we, in turn, need nature in order to live and thrive.

Artists included:
John Adams (Ireland)
Ted Brown (Texas)
David Gentry (California)
Bryan Holland (Minnesota)
Peter Honig (California)
Sanda Manuila (California)
Kelly Leahy Radding (Connecticut)
Marlene Sanchez (California)

CLICK on the images for information and to enlarge. For more information and sales inquiries, contact Gwenda Joyce directly through Facebook Messenger or by email at gwenda@artambassador.net

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