"Nature Wills Us On" Exhibition & Sale from Gwenda Joyce

Curated by Gwenda Joyce, Founder of Art Ambassador Artist Representation

In this difficult year, and throughout our lifetimes, one constant thing we have come to know is that we can return to nature again and again ... more


  • Oil on Canvas
  • 24 x 30 in
  • $1,500.00
  • Sanda Manuila

With all of her precipitated challenges, Nature reminds us that our environment is at stake.
I paint visual stories of resilience, love, danger, strength and vulnerability. I want them to be poignant and confrontational to raise the question of our global situation in these disturbing times.

My oil and pastel paintings depict the fear of loss and the struggle for survival. I choose dead roses, decaying vegetation, birds or insects as some examples on how fauna and flora are so much part of their environment that they merge into it. Even when we abuse her, Nature remains beautiful. I paint poetry.

Sanda lives in the Napa Valley in California.

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