"Nature Wills Us On" Exhibition & Sale from Gwenda Joyce

Curated by Gwenda Joyce, Founder of Art Ambassador Artist Representation

In this difficult year, and throughout our lifetimes, one constant thing we have come to know is that we can return to nature again and again ... more

Of Air & Water

  • Casein on Panel,
  • 8 x 8 in
  • $800.00
  • Kelly Radding

I look for the heart of nature in my art. I’m drawn to historical mediums, techniques and substrates, and I interpret them with a contemporary viewpoint.

I want my viewers first to share in my experiences, creating a deeper understanding of our own essential connections to nature and to our own stories. I hope my art inspires others to help stem the accelerating loss of habitat and species; to preserve, protect and conserve it for our future survival.

Kelly lives on a small farm in Connecticut.

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