"Nature Wills Us On" Exhibition & Sale from Gwenda Joyce

Curated by Gwenda Joyce, Founder of Art Ambassador Artist Representation

In this difficult year, and throughout our lifetimes, one constant thing we have come to know is that we can return to nature again and again ... more


  • Archival Pigment Print on Textured Paper
  • Peter Honig

Photographs are available in 2 different sizes and prices (unframed):
13 x 19.5 inch image size on 17 x 22 inch paper priced at $250 (unframed)
27 x 40.5 inch image size on 34 x 44 inch paper priced at $650 (unframed)

A change from living in a busy urban environment to a quiet and remote area has forced me to see change where before I saw nothing. The resulting body of photography encompasses the notion of landscape from the sense of the physical and emotional, external and internal. By focusing on the play of light and making passing reference to memory, I hope you, the viewer, recognize common ground and find your way home.

Peter lives and works in Southern California.

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