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In the corner of the teen section of the Coalville Library, what seems to be a giant bead of molten aluminum is suspended mid-splash. A large shiny drop is bursting outward, with three smaller droplets flung across the walls of the library. The sculpture is made of cast plastic with a coating similar to chrome.

Borup, who is a high school art teacher, was interested in creating a piece that teens, especially, would resonate with. "The concept behind the sculpture is self-reflection. Teenagers make many choices everyday about the kind of life they are going to live." He says that he hopes being able to see themselves in a slightly different way will aid in self-reflection and help viewers make choices that will lead to a wonderful life.

Daniel E. Borup grew up in Meridian, Idaho. He says he learned his art, from both his artistic family and his high school art teachers. He attended BYU-Idaho and earned a degree in art education. He now lives in Shelley, Idaho, and teaches all of the art classes at Shelley High School. He spends much of his free time in his studio working on his own creations. In addition to art at the high school, he also teaches sculpture and pottery classes in his home studio. At the time he created "Splash," he had been sculpting for more than 5 years, and had been actively selling his artwork at shows and online. In addition to the Coalville Library installation, he also created a sculpture for the North Bingham County Library. "I have been doing art all my life," Borup says, "and I have worked hard to make a career in art."

Located in the teen section of the library.

2012 Summit County Public Art Advisory Board & Friends of the Library Commission

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