Summit County Public Art

Leaf Dancer

  • steel, copper with urethane acrylic finish
  • 72 x 36 x 24 in
  • Milt Neeley

Milt Neeley's steel and copper figurative sculpture is composed of a network of leaves, vines, and negative space that together take the form of a woman dancing. The dancer could be seen as a human trellis, a scaffolding that vines have twined up mid-gesture; or she could be interpreted as vines that have risen up from the ground and arranged themselves into a human form to express themselves in a moment of dance. It is as if the nature itself couldn't help but dance.

C. Milton Neeley is an artist and welder who is a native of Utah. He has a degree from Weber State University where he studied economics and Asian Studies. His path veered to art and metalwork after graduation when he and some of his family members bought a metal fabricating business. His first move was to start designing and building Christmas and wedding decorations, which he shipped all over the country as well as abroad. From there Neely expanded his craft to include architectural projects including, among other artistic and commercial ventures, a children's garden in Norfolk, Virginia and a curved staircase with glass railing for the Davis Medical Center in Layton, Utah. In addition to the People's Choice award from the Outdoor Sculpture Contest in Coalville, his metal art has shown and taken awards at numerous other shows and competitions, including the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Salt Lake City, the Bountiful Art Center, and the Ogden Art Festival.

2012 Summit County Artscape People's Choice Award

Leaf Dancer is located at the northeaster corner of the intersection of South Main St and 80 South.

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