Summit County Public Art

Zoe LaPreal Spriggs' abstract portrait, "The Beauty of Life," is minimalist while also feeling very abundant. Using just basic information a simple swoop to create the figure's face, Spriggs then focuses her attention on adorning the face with a profusion of jewel-toned feathers, a rose with a starburst, and multi-colored bubbles. The piece is full of movement, sound, and energy. Music, stars, and the saturated palette give the drawing a joyful feeling of brazen playfulness and possibility. Of the piece, Spriggs says, "This picture represents different images and thoughts of my life so far; some ideas were inspired from tattoos and imagining possibilities."

Zoe LaPreal Spriggs grew up in Coalville, Utah. She created "The Beauty of Life" while still a student at North Summit High School. Her passions include creating art, music, and singing. Her preferred artistic media are sharpies and acrylic paints, and her professional interests include photography and design as well as fine art.

2012 Council Award

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