Summit County Public Art

Kaden Calderwood's 2013 Council Award oil painting is a close portrait of a man in front of a loose, abstract background. Colors from the figure's clothing repeat in the abstract texture. The figure's clothes have a more defined, but still loose, pattern of light and shadow. His hair, and the three white plumes wrapped into his hair are a slightly more ordered chaos than the jumble of colors in the background. But in the hierarchy of the composition, it is clearly the face that is the most important component. With careful rendering given to the light falling across the figure's forehead and cheekbones, the shadows contour his face and, most importantly, the intensity of the gaze. It's the gaze that is central to the painting, taking precedence over all adornment and background and funneling the focus of the whole composition.

Kaden Calderwood was born and raised in Coalville, Utah. He is the son of Mike and Angie Calderwood. Kaden was 15 years old when he painted this portrait. Kaden was inspired to create this painting in conjunction with the celebration of 100 years of North Summit High School. In addition to painting, Kaden's interests and hobbies include golfing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, archery, and spending time with his friends and family.

2013 Council Award

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